#TBT Bronson in 3rd Rock From The Sun!

This week we’re headed back to March of 1996 to the first season of NBC’s 3rd Rock From The Sun!  In this episode titled Ab-Dick-Ted — BP guest starred as Roy, Dr. Mary Albright’s (played by Jane Curtin) brother.

The Solomons find out family members sometimes irritate each other. When Dr. Albright tells Dick she has a brother (Roy), Dick thinks the Solomons can benefit from observing Dr. Albright and Roy and he invites them over. It soon turns out Dr. Albright and Roy don’t get along all that well. And, much to Dr. Albright’s dislike, Roy tells a story about how he was once abducted by a spaceship. The Solomons don’t know how to deal with this information: Should they kill him? 

THE SUSPENSE! 😀  BONUS: little kid Joseph Gordon-Levitt!  Enjoy!


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