Perfect Stranger Things!

Larry and Balki are back, and this time, they have company! Watch this brilliant mash-up of Perfect Strangers and Stranger Things from last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! <3 

3 thoughts on “Perfect Stranger Things!”

  1. Balki Bartokomous may be a fictional character, but having been expertly created & portrayed, he will always live in the hearts & minds of fans & will forever exist in the ethers. The beautiful thing about Balki is that he shines as an example of what it is like to live as a true human being. He is pure-hearted, honest, and always strives to help others. He is optimistic & joyful & sees the good in everyone & every situation. He has integrity & never compromises his beliefs to fit in. He is a light shining in the jaded world around him, brightening it for others.
    Maybe it’s not Shakespeare, but it doesn’t need to be…because life isn’t meant to be lived at an intellectual level; it’s meant to be lived from the heart, as Balki did, and that’s why he is so beloved.   ??
    Bless you!

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