Bronson on “Celebrity Nightmares Decoded”!

Bronson will be appearing in the first episode of the Biography Channel’s new series premiering tonight, Celebrity Nightmares Decoded.
Dream analyst and author Lauren Lawrence interprets the nightmares of four celebrities in this first episode, including Rachel Dratch, Barry Williams, Jodie Sweetin and Bronson.
The first episode featuring Bronson airs tonight, September 18th, at 10 p.m.
Click here for the video preview of tonight’s show!

2 thoughts on “Bronson on “Celebrity Nightmares Decoded”!”

  1. Can you get the video of his interview I would really like to see it, does he really have a beard or is it fake

  2. Hi Melissa! He doesn’t have a beard on this one, but you’ll be able to see it for yourself in a few hours, hang in there! 😉

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