The Tournament continues!

The Tournament of Audiobooks continues and Matterhorn is on the third round of the competition! The book is now one of the eight semi-finalists and is up against The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, narrated by Elijah Wood.

Matterhorn needs as many votes as you can give to pass this round, so if you haven’t voted in the third round, vote now at!

Also, Bronson’s back to Tumblr, check out his blog! 🙂

6 thoughts on “The Tournament continues!”

  1. That’s great he’s back, hopefully he will.answer new questions, any new books that you know off that he’s doing Patterson was a great book just finished it from the library, is he back in Pennsylvania

  2. All he seems to be doing is encouraging everyone to vote in the Audiobooks tournament, nothing else. I’ll bet he disappears again when this thing is over with.

  3. I heard Bronson was at the tvland awards last night, do you know if that’s true, I read his blog, does he actually write them or someone else does it pretending its him, he said he has 2 projects coming up he can’t talk about them, do you know what they are, he mentioned his mom does she live in pa too sounds like it, hopefully he answers some q& a questions soon, like to know some new things about him

  4. I also wanted to know what he does in his spear time if he has any, and if he lime, does he like tv of so what does he like

  5. Hi Melissa! I do not know if Bronson was at the TV Land awards, I will try and find out if he was. He does write his own blog on
    I don’t know what his projects are at this time, I’m sure when he is able to talk about them, he will let everyone know!
    I’m glad you liked the Q&A, I will be including more of your questions in the next one! 🙂

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