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It’s time to jump back almost 17 years (already?) to the fall of 1997 — when CBS decided to go up against ABC’s TGIF and invite everyone to its own Block Party.  Oof.  One of these shows was Meego..take it away, CBS:

Bronson Pinchot returns to series television as Meego from planet Marmazon 4.0, an alien wise beyond his 9,000 years, whose spaceship crashes onto Earth. Meego is discovered by three children: Alex, Maggie and Trip Parker, who could use a little TLC and pass him off to their single dad, Dr. Edward Parker, as the perfect caretaker. Originally intending to stay only until his spaceship can be repaired, Meego has a change of heart and decides to move in after he becomes emotionally attached to the kids, particularly to young Alex, and realizes that he has an out-of-this-world knack for child-rearing on Earth.


The show was produced by the same team that worked on Perfect Strangers, gotta work right?  There were 13 episodes, but the network put the kibosh on it after 6.  Boo.  The remaining epis aired overseas.  Thankfully, some people let their VCR roll during the CBS Block Party.  Here are the first 2 epis of Meego!


Pilot — aired 9/19/97.  Meego is made temporary babysitter for the Parker kids after his spaceship crashes in their backyard and he waits for repairs to be completed, but quickly finds himself growing attached to the youngsters and questioning his return home.



“Love and Money” — aired 9/26/97.  Meego gets his first paycheck, but still has a lot to learn about money; Maggie interrupts her studies to watch Trip and his friend play street hockey. Family Matters star Jaleel White has an uncredited cameo in his Steve Urkel character.



We’ll post more epis on future Throwback Thursdays!



5 thoughts on “#TBT Meego!”

  1. Hey Lucy, just wondering if you’ll be posting the other episodes and also i’ve been looking for the movie Winning girls through psychic mind control. Do you know where i could find it or watch it? 🙂 thx for your hard work on this site, appreciate it

  2. Hi Heather! We’ll definitely be posting more Meego epis. And good luck on finding WGTPMC — I haven’t seen it anywhere. 🙁


  3. Well boo, i was hoping you would know where to get it lol. Also i was wondering about his one man show at the Rrazz room. Will there be any way to win tickets or see it online because i’ll be getting my passport soon but don’t think i can afford to fly out their but i really wanna see it. Any info would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

  4. We don’t have any other info on the Rrazz Room shows yet — we’ll pass it on if we find something out!

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