#TBT More Meego!

Why not, right?  Back to the fall of 1997 we gooooo…enjoy! 😀

The Truth About Cars and Dogs — aired 10/3/97.  Maggie tries to tell her dad that the family nanny is an alien. Meanwhile, Meego goes on a date with the Parkers’ next door neighbor; and Edward helps Alex build a model car for a derby. Jaleel White makes a second cameo appearance. 


It’s Good to be King — aired 10/10/97.  When Meego hears that Trip is no longer required to study to pass history now that he’s the star of the basketball team, which is coached by the history teacher, he gives his own lesson. He shrinks the teacher/coach and leaves him guarded by watchdog Barkley, while he substitutes – as King George III. Meanwhile, Edward and Alex plan a fishing trip. 


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