#TBT Boris and Ivan Visit Las Vegas

Some fun stuff from 1985:  Parachute pants.  The PMRC.  Starship built this city on rock n’ roll…*shivers*  Oh, and George Burns Comedy Week!  Well, it was a week that ran for 13 of ’em on CBS.  It was produced by Steve Martin and his “Jerk” co-writer Carl Gottlieb.  Bronson co-starred with Dave Thomas (Doug McKenzie..beauty, eh?) in an episode titled “Boris and Ivan Visit Las Vegas”..

Two cosmonauts (Dave Thomas, Bronson Pinchot) crash their space capsule near Las Vegas and try to assimilate while dodging American soldiers and the KGB, which is disguised as a bowling team. 

The KGB disguised as a bowling team?  Seems legit.  But fun, nonetheless.  Enjoy some decadence, depravity and potato salad!

As always, big thanks to Linda Kay and her endless archives!  Check out her You Tube channel here.

EDIT:  Awesome article about the show here!


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  1. Hey, just wondering if this video is available any where else, it’s saying it’s private 🙁

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