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Q&A Updates!

Hi everybody, hope you’re having a terrific 2018 so far!

First of all, let me thank you for sending in so many wonderful questions for our Q&A, we had a hard time selecting the ones to include!

Initially, we were going to have a typical text Q&A like the ones we’ve had here at BP Online in the past, but this time, things have taken a whole new dimension. Bronson has answered the selected questions ON VIDEO, which we will be posting simultaneously here and on our Facebook page, every other day, starting tomorrow!

To start off strong, we will be posting two videos in the next two days, and one every other day for the next couple of months!

So stay tuned, share, like, comment, and enjoy! 😉

New Q&A!

2017 is almost over and we have plenty to celebrate this year! Bronson and Mark’s reunion, Perfect Strangers on Hulu, (almost) 10000 likes on Facebook and the 8th anniversary of this here website (with a new, updated design!).
To celebrate all these special milestones, we will be having a brand new Q&A with Bronson in the coming weeks!
Send in your questions via the comments or email and the selected ones will be answered by BP! 🙂