We’re going to start doing some throwbacks on Thursdays — why not, right?  Let’s kick it off with BP’s first visit to Seattle.  Northwest Afternoon was a local talk show on Seattle’s ABC affiliate KOMO TV.  This was about July 1990 because Dick Foley mentions the Goodwill Games (‘memba those?) which were played there that year.  Anyway, there’s a kilt, some late ’80s graphics, and fun hair.   Also, people still dress like this in the PNW.  Enjoy!

As always, big thanks to Linda Kay and her extensive archives!  Check out her YouTube channel and for all things Perfect Strangers visit her website P.S. I Love You!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3



This happened a while ago and was widely commented on our Facebook page, but it’s too much fun not to share with all of you who might not have seen it yet!

Bronson and Butch Patrick (who played Eddie Munster on the Munsters) appeared at the Fox 43 News program to promote the American Music and Pop Culture Expo in Hershey and, well, you must see it for yourself. Enjoy!

Yes, we have reached the end of a long, long countdown! Bronson is back to TV tonight with The Bronson Pinchot Project!

The BP Project Sneak Peek will air tonight at 11pm ET on the DIY Network and to get you in the mood for the show, we have two other videos generously shared with us as always by our “fairy godmother” Linda Kay from P.S. I Love You!

The first is another promo video for the show and the second is a special segment of the “DIY Nation” program where Bronson talks a little about the show and we get to see a bit more of it. Check out both videos below!

BP Project Promo

DIY Nation Segment

So, do I need to say it again? DON’T MISS IT! 😉

A brand new promo video for the Bronson Pinchot Project has just been released! It has a lot more info about the show, as well as the definite date for the premiere which will be on Feb 11th.

Check it out and don’t miss the sneak peek next Saturday, Jan 21st at 11pm ET on DIY!

We are 10 days away from the premiere of The Bronson Pinchot Project and a small commercial promoting the show has already started to air on the DIY Network! Our friend Linda Kay from P.S. I Love You contributed the video for all to have a little look at what’s coming!


Thanks to the ever so generous and wonderful Linda Kay from P.S. I Love You, we can share this video of Bronson’s scenes from the “Shake it Up” episode which aired last sunday.

We loved it, hope you’ll love it too!

With the help of some really great Bronson fans, and on behalf of all Bronson fans, this is our little birthday gift to you, B.

PS: A big thanks to Silverfang, Alyce, Katalin, Whitney, Brenda and Stephanie for their lovely contribution to this video.

Take a peak at Bronson’s upcoming movie Virgin Alexander!

This is a little Christmas video made with the help of our friends and Bronson fans who participated in the contest.
Merry Christmas B! Merry Christmas everybody! 🙂

Here’s a treat for those who missed the episode of Hawaii 5-0 with Bronson, a little compilation of his scenes from the episode! (high-quality video, might take a little while to load)

And if you’d like to watch the entire episode (US residents only) go to the official Hawaii 5-0 website.


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