These are the most frequently asked questions I have received from website visitors and fans over the last six years. Make sure you read through the Q&A’s provided here before sending in your question.

The answers below were provided by Bronson Pinchot and Lucy Machado.

Q: Does Bronson give tours of his properties?
A: No. The properties you see in “The Bronson Pinchot Project” are private and are not open for visitation.
BP says: “The houses are each like actors. I show them to their best advantage on camera, and then they want to be left alone.”

Q: Does Bronson have a fan mailing address?
A: Yes, it is this very website.

Q: I’d like to send Bronson a gift, how do I go about it?
A: Regarding gifts, Bronson says: “Anyone wishing to send me a token of his or her esteem should please send it to a children’s hospital or senior center or to young people serving overseas… any of the many, many places where people hunger desperately for little kindnesses. I would a thousand fold love to hear that such things had been sent to those who would treasure them than to add to what is already an oppressive material clutter here. Knowing that a pound of coffee and a nice note had gone to a stressed young armed service person or that a stuffed animal had found its way to a senior missing home would touch me to the soul and then three of us would feel good.”

Q: Does Bronson send out autographs?
A: Not at this time.

Q: Will the first season of “The Bronson Pinchot Project” be released on DVD?
A: No DVDs, but the first season of the show is already available on Amazon Prime!

Q: I own/know of an old property I think Bronson might be interested in. What do I do?
A: Send clear photographs and information about the property via email. They will be forwarded to Bronson.

Q: Is this Bronson’s official website?
A: BP says: “I am delighted with the way Lucy maintains it. So even if it isn’t “official,” whatever that means, it’s the one I keep in touch with.”

Q: How can I contact Bronson?
A: You can use the form on the Contact page of the website or send an email to Emails received through the website and email address above are read and forwarded to Bronson. Bronson does not read mail sent to his home.

Q: What is Bronson’s official Twitter account?
A: Bronson ONLY official Twitter account is @BronsonAP. But he never uses it.

Q: I’m confused. Bronson plays out-there characters and displays his houses on the airwaves. How then can it be that he is also reserved and private?
A: Bronson’s performances and houses are his creations. The man who carved the Venus de Milo most probably did not traipse around half-nude with a towel drooping from his hips.

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