The Q&A is Back!

We have wonderful news to all of you who would love to have a question answered by Bronson!
The Q&As are back and Bronson already answered a big batch of questions sent by visitors of the site over the past year!
If you are one of those, check below to see if your question was answered!

Q&As with Bronson – 04/17/11

Q: What was the best advice received that has helped you cope with the resounding success of a hit show?
A: I did a music video with the Pointer Sisters five minutes before Beverly Hills Cop came out and made me pretty famous. They sat me down in their trailer and said, “Just be yourself.” They were awesome…unfortunately, I didn’t then know who ‘myself’ was, but I did my best to find out.

Q: Has your outlook on the changed/evolved over the years?
A:Well, I’ve always hated it. Now I laugh at it, and get queasy if I look too close. Gaga? Sheen? Snooki? Bucket, please.

Q: What TV shows would you like to appear in?
A: I haven’t had a TV in years. No idea what’s on.

Q: What is your favorite show on TV today?
A: Turner Classic Movies.

Q: Do you agree that TV is not as good as it used to be?
A: I never watched it then, either.

Q: Do you still have the Myposian tuxedo and Dimitri, the stuffed sheep doll?
A: I have most of the clothes…not sure if I have the tuxedo. Not sure where Dimitri is.

Q: What kind of cellphone do you have?
A: I forget, but it’s not cool.

Q: Do you ever play video games?
A: Never have played one ever.

Q: Do you have any pets?
A: No, but I hanker after everyone’s dogs. Love ’em.

Q: Do you ever shop at Walmart?
A: Yes.

Q: What’s your favorite store?
A: Wherever 18th & early 19th c. painted antiques are sold, if no one has ever tried to improve them in the least.

Q: How did you like the book Courting Disaster? I’m reading it now!
A: It scared me and made me mad. I became a foaming-at-the-mouth arch-conservative for a week. My sister was thrilled.

Q: How many languages do you speak?
A: English, Myposian, and the one that’s in my book, which is a secret.

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One thought on “The Q&A is Back!”

  1. Hi.. I just found your show this new year’s day.. 1 1 2013.. I am building a home in Atlanta Ga.. It is based on an 1800’s home in Nashville… Cragfont… it will have stone identical to Cragfont and I am doing a new take on the 1800’s.. Oh heavens, your show is way inspirational… where did you find all your fab touches to emulate early?
    I want to integrate old into this house… the roof will be copper… it will be Georgian/Greek Revival and my architect is D. Stanley Dixon of Atlanta… whose attention to detail causes one to swoon… I would love to have any tips & pointers from you as to where you aquired things etc… I love the Greek Revival House you have… it’s to die for… well… thanks much.. I am about to watch all episodes from 2012 ..
    do you ever help others?? could be a tag on show you know…mmm.. self serving of me…… well, many thanks.. kindly, Stacy French

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