A Christmas Message From Bronson!

Bronson took a little time off from filming The Bronson Pinchot Project to send everyone a little Xmas message:

Lots of love to all, a joyous Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year from your tardy but well-meaning BP.

I’m sure all of us would say tardy is much better than never, especially since he is just in time!
Thanks B, have a lovely Christmas!

4 thoughts on “A Christmas Message From Bronson!”

  1. Merry Christmas Bronson, and I hope you have much happiness and joy as much as I do when I watch you. I love you very much and I hope you never forget that.XXXXOOOOO

  2. Happy New Year from the UK, Pinchy! (I wonder what you’ll be doing?)

    I think i’m going to just sit in this chair all year and wait for this so-called 2012 apocalypse. How exciting!! Woooooooo!

    Toast with me, America! come on!




    come on!

    Ugh, bloody time zones! My arm kills!

    Happy New Year everyone, have fun!

    Love to all,
    Rach, UK

  3. Hi Bronson,

    Please tell Rosina,Sylvia said hello.We were neighbors back in NYC. 1122/1124 Third Ave.Guess you could say it’s been awhile.

    Tony Francavilla

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