It’s Today!

Yes, we have reached the end of a long, long countdown! Bronson is back to TV tonight with The Bronson Pinchot Project!

The BP Project Sneak Peek will air tonight at 11pm ET on the DIY Network and to get you in the mood for the show, we have two other videos generously shared with us as always by our “fairy godmother” Linda Kay from P.S. I Love You!

The first is another promo video for the show and the second is a special segment of the “DIY Nation” program where Bronson talks a little about the show and we get to see a bit more of it. Check out both videos below!

BP Project Promo

DIY Nation Segment

So, do I need to say it again? DON’T MISS IT! 😉

14 thoughts on “It’s Today!”

  1. thanks lucy and linda for the videos, cant wait for the show, i wish he was tweeting about it

  2. i am feeling so lucky i STUMBLED upon this magic tonight on the premiere! please let mr. pinchot know i am from a LONG lineage of family that collects “junque” – junk to some, antiques to me – that i am happily able to re-purpose. he and his team are welcome to come to cape cod and TAKE what they want – if i have anything he can use in any of his restorations. LOVELY and tremendous, inspirational work… i herald and support the cause ;)!

  3. Loved bronsons new show, he’s got a beautiful home, I love that mikey kid he’s funny, suprized bronson didn’t tweet like vanilla ice did, just curious does bronson smoke, thought I saw somethin in his pocket, love you bronson, wish you can write to me, I love a lot always had since perfect strangers, your still handsome

  4. Hi do you no in the bronson pinchot project, can they say what they want, or is it scripted

  5. Bronson,

    You bought my Grandfather’s house .. before it was the Deckers! The one down by the creek… It looks wonderful .. better than it ever looked. I walked around it last July and went over to the old barn .. where years ago us grand kids would hold the cow’s tails while my grandfather milked his cows!! (otherwise they would sideswipe you upside the head .. not pretty if you get my drift!!) Thanks for not getting upset with me for doing that.. :o)

    One thing I would ask .. please don’t tear down the old Harford Post office has to be the cutest one in the country ..

    Take good care of my Grandpa’s old home ..

  6. Hi linda, how old do you think bronsons episodes are of the new show, are they over the years, think his house is already done, I noticed no tv how could he live without tv, didn’t see a garage he has a beautiful car, he’s still his funny self, I love bronson wish I can meet him, have you ever met him, 1 more thing just curious do you think bronson smokes I noticed in the episode he had somethin in his pocket, hope he tweets more I noticed he has a lot more followers, wonder how long the show will air, how long can he fix things hope it runs at least a few years, wish it was on at least an hour half hour isn’t enough you have commericals love to watch him see what he’s gonna do next,

  7. Can bronson still read my posts even though he’s not following me, he has lots of followers now since the show, you think these episodeus are new or over the years, hope the show stays on long time, I also love that the show is unscripted never no what there gonna say, bronson is still handsome, he got alittle heavier but as we age we get fat, I hope he tweets again soon and I hope he realizes how much his fans love him, I love bronson a lot

  8. Unfortunately I do not get the DYI network….tears …tears …I need a xanax right now! I am missing Bronson`s new show. Can anyone tell me if full episodes are available anywhere online. Only fellow Bronson fans can understand my pain.

  9. Another question for bronson, what project are you currently on now, are you still working on your house

  10. anay news on bronson, i know hes working on his show, but havnt really heard nothing since his new show aired, hope he does an interview or Q & As soon

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