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First of all, I would like to thank everyone who have sent messages and comments supporting the Bronson Pinchot Project for the past year, your messages have been read and immensely appreciated by us!

Now DIY and HGTV, the two networks which are responsible for producing the Bronson Pinchot Project would love to hear what you have to say about the show! Go to DIY and HGTV’s Facebook pages and let them know you want more BPP!

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Feel free to use this graphic wherever you’d like! 🙂

40 thoughts on “DIY Wants to Hear From You!”

  1. Love love love this show! Everything he does is amazing! wish the show was longer . Can’t wait for next weeks episode

  2. Also, he is very funny! While he is very serious about his passion for his restoration, love his sense of humor!

  3. The Bronson Pinchot Project. I love this show. Bronson is the most intelligent and creative designer to ever be featured on TV. Also, he’s a lot of fun, a cheerful, happy guy working. He spreads that feeling to everyone around him. Hard work becomes a pleasure. Also, you feel like you’re there while he and his guys are working on projects. I’ve never seen anything like it on TV. I like the fact that Bronson “evolves” by changing his mind instead of sticking with something that isn’t quite perfect. He does things that no one else has ever thought of. He works “out of the box” instead of following strict convention. He has the best “eye” for design on currently on TV. I’m a designer, and Bronson Pinchot Project rates a 10 in my book. Please keep this show coming forever. I wish I lived next door to him.

  4. Just watched the elf house episode – great fun. Love this show and how different it is than other things on much loved diy network. It’s refreshing to find out there is an actor who well knows his way around architectural detail.

  5. We love love love “The Bronson Pinchot Project” and can’t wait for more episodes next week….. He makes everything fun in what he does and in the way he tells you about the history of the items he finds…. love him and keep this show on……

  6. Bronson not only “knows” about architecture and history but obviously “loves” both. It comes through very strongly in his shows and I enjoy every single show! Personally, I think he should be teaching an architecture class in a university. He would make the kind of enthusiastic professor who would really inspire his students! Watching his show is not only a learning experience due to the way he actually talks about different architectural styles and terms but it’s FUN because he gets his point across in a fun way! I’ll bet his crew has a blast every day.

  7. My husband and I love Bronson and all his projects. I wish the show was an hour instead of half hour. I hope his show is renewed. He’s funny, smart and so entertaining. Bronson Pinchot Project is yummy.

  8. I love how authentic the show is. It is real people, using real salvage to build a real home. Though I may not be abe to build something on such a scale, Mr. Pinchot’s courage has inspired me to have a bigger dream. It is much easier to be brave when you have watched someone go before you and succeed so beautifully. My only complaint is that the show does not have a longer format. Half an hour is simply not long enough!

  9. One of THE best shows on tv, bar none. Funny, educational, imaginative, inspirational…just can’t get enough of BP and the boys. They are the highlight of my week. I record the shows so I can savor them like the special treat they are; a lot of rewinding through each episode.

  10. I love “The Bronson Pinchot Project.”I watch his show every week. I love the little “houses”he makes. I am very much like him when it comes to old homes. They make me feel good. Brings back the memory of that squeaky screen door, with the long spring, that always shammed shut in my Grandmas kitchen. I want him to Keep up the extraordinary birthing of his newest designs forever!

  11. Love the show! Always feel like I am learning something…I wish it were an hour’s over way too quickly.

  12. Agree. Wish they would make this 1 Hour. His passion bleeds through each episode as he educates the viewer about the dying art of restoration. In a cookie-cutter, mass produced world, a show devoted to classical restoration is a diamond in the rough. DIY & HGTV, you cannot script this gold.

  13. Love watching the show. Love all the cool ideas, projects that are made from things of the pass.

  14. Oh how I love his show!!! I DVR the episodes so I never miss one and I can watch them over and over! Love all his crew too! The season is way to short….He is such an inspiration! I have learned so much!!

  15. Words are difficult here… I just love this program.
    My mind boggles at the creativity… I don’t even know where or how Bronson comes up with the ideas for his house… and they work, they more than work.
    I am truly inspired!

  16. Can’t get enough of this show !!! It is so interesting to watch a genius, eccentric at work…when you can’t imagine how it will turn out…but when it is finished…you go, “so amazing “!! He is witty..and still got the “looks” BEST SHOW ON TV!

  17. Love this show. Learn so much on each and every episode. Thanks for bringing it to us!!

  18. JUST LOVE LOVE LOVE this show and BRONSON of course. I love what he stands for and the education he gives also. LQQKIng forward to seeing the next one!!

  19. Bronson Pinchot is brilliant. The passion, vision, creativity, this man holds is breath taking. Mr. Pinchot and his band of skilled artisans not only fill every episode with beautiful work, and strength, they are smart and entertaining. Also, the added delight of Bronson’s amazing sense of humor and he is so handsome! Wow! HE is
    “SCRUMMY” !

  20. In spite of my email address, after not watching television for many years I’m watching again — very selectively. The Bronson Pinchot Project is among my elect. I love his aesthetic, being able to see his creative process, his humor and the delightfully esoteric snips of history and art he shares with his audience. All I need is more . . .

  21. Absolutely love this show. It is one of the most deeply inspirational television I have ever seen. The combination of Bronson Pinchot’s knowledge, creativity and passion make this program a rarity and so very special.

  22. Have worked with Bronson and watch the show regularly. He is a class act and his show is not only informational, creative and interesting… but the humor thrown in makes it a must watch. With so many remodeling shows on tv… his is unique. I do not miss an episode… and love his personality!! Fun watch!!

  23. I absolutely adore The Bronson Pinchot Project and hope that it has a long on air life. It is favorite in our home and we look forward to it.

  24. Love this show. Everyone is creative, and talented and charmingly endearing, especially Bronson and Mikey. I love seeing Bronson’s “vision” come to life. Please keep this show on forever.

  25. Truly my favorite DIY. And design show. Bronson and his crew are amazing and fun to watch. Mikey is wonderful. Bronson is an artist, he has the vision to bring beauty out of salvaged items and make them work together as if they had always been meant to be that way. He and his show are intriguing, you never know what he will do next. I love it!

  26. I love this show and all the wonderful ways Bronson is reusing vintage material. I look forward to many more seasons and hope the show is expanded to one hour.

  27. I love this show! It demonstrates an entirely different spin on design which is really American in direction. I love that BP focuses on salvaging absolutely beautiful pieces of history and incorporates it in a space one can live in comfortably. It has humor (love the characters, who are master craftsmen of their trades), the story behind whatever beautiful piece of architecture he has found and then creating something fantastic with that salvaged piece. The art, info, story behind the items, BP, love it all! Please keep this show going and give it more exposure so that people can find it! This show is a special treasure and there really is nothing else like it on tv. Thanks for giving BPP a chance DIY!

  28. Can’t get enough of the show. Great ideas + fun crew = fantastic show. Please keep them coming, Bronson has such an imagination that feeds my creativity! Love this show!

  29. What a wonderful show…..LOVE the restoration of the whole house and the Post Office….the most imaginative series I have seen….I want to see more !!!!

    Absolutely LOVE this show…..Bronson has the most imagination …..fantastic look …most inspiring …..I want to see more !!!!

  30. Love everything about this program! The talent, vision, and craftsmanship of Bronson and his wonderful crew are awe inspiring! Please keep them around for many seasons to come.

  31. I posted this comment on the Bronson Pinchot Project Facebook page and he promptly deleted it and banned me from posting anything else. Apparently, any comments or questions that are not 100% adoring in nature are unwelcome there.

    As I stated on the Facebook page, I actually enjoy the program. But I do have a major issue with the stated premise of the program. In the opening voiceover of each episode, Pinchot states that his 1840 home had been “mishandled for over a hundred years” and that his goal has been to “bring it back to its former glory.” With all due respect, that is not at all what he is doing.

    If you are returning an old home to its former glory, you are engaging in a “restoration.” What Pinchot is doing is a creative renovation using salvaged materials. He is acting as a designer, using his imagination to create something that was never there, something that is pleasing to him. A work of art. In doing so, he often uses and combines salvaged materials in ways that they were never ever used in the past (cladding an interior door in slate roof shingles, for instance), he creates spaces that never existed, and his guys install beautiful period materials with no regard for traditional techniques (face nailing gorgeous old floorboards with a framing nail gun!).

    This may seem like nit-picking to viewers who simply appreciate his creativity and design, but to anybody who has ever truly restored an old structure—truly turning back the hands of time to that state of former glory—there’s a huge distinction. Anybody truly interested in restoration would say that he himself is guilty of “mishandling” that structure.

    I wondered why nobody was commenting about this on the Facebook page, and now I see that they probably have, but their voices have been deleted and banned.

    I would suggest that either the premise of the program should simply be changed to one that more accurately speaks to the creative/design nature of his endeavor, or Mr. Pinchot should at least not be afraid to engage in a conversation about that premise.

    We all learn when we all learn from each other.

  32. The humor, the creativity and the eccentricity of the show, the crew and Bronson Pinchot have created a rich, complex experience that I look forward to every week. I agree that this is not historically accurate restoration but this show, and especially Mr. Pinchot’s passion, certainly fosters a curiosity and appreciation for historical salvage and creative reuse of beautiful architectural pieces. Every time I watch other design shows thoughtlessly throwing everything into huge dumpsters I cringe. We may not appreciate 1970’s tile in this decade but what about in 100 years? Mr. Pinchot and his show teach us the value and joy of preserving our buildings rather than burying them in landfills. Please, please, please continue this show for many seasons to come!

  33. I have always been a fan of Bronson’s, and when I discovered his passion for restoration of architectural heritage I jumped with joy and laughter! I love the fun ways that he interacts with his crew, especially Mikey, and the way he pays tribute to inanimate pieces as if they could “hear” his complimentary dialogue! When all is complete, I know it’s HIS HOME, but it’d be really cool to visit:) THANK YOU “DIY” & Bronson for a great show 🙂 -Dawn in Spanish Springs, NV

  34. And here I am, thinking I’m the only eccentric who loves this show, only to read the previous comments and realize I’m amongst the normal! This show is so out of the box, that we all have to give HGTV and DIY a huge bow for having the nerve to bet on it being successful. Who cares if it’s ‘authentic restoration’! It is the most creative show on tv, and really inspires what thinking differently and having creative guts can produce. I agree: make the show longer, the season longer, and generate season after season of longevity.


  35. We love this show! Bronson’s got an amazing sense of design, and I love the way he uses salvaged materials. I agree with the others, the show should be an hour long.

  36. I get such a kick out of BPP! First of all, Bronson’s quirky sense of humor shines through, and his almost child-like enthusiasm or true passion for what he does is very inspiring for me. I would love to see, in person, him in action on this, because I just can’t imagine that this is a performance (and if I am wrong, he has even more talent than I thought! Actually loved him in “Stones” in London). I only wish I could find something to be this passionate about, and get paid to do it!
    Having said all that, why can’t I watch ALL of season 1? Really irks me!

  37. what is wrong with Mikie, why do you have a place listed on this site to donate money to his family

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