8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Bronson!”

  1. Happy Birthday! My birthday is the 21st, and I am turning 53:) I hope yours is filled with friends and laughter!

  2. Hi Bronson,
    Hope you had a great birthday.
    I was wondering if I did something wrong on your FB online page? I had commented about Mikey and the three bears. I made a pun with the wolf and the three little pigs asking Mikey to let me in or “I’ll huff and puff” and blow the house down. I was just joking and hope you know I wouldn’t ever come and knock on your door! I am too shy. After that I saw that I can’t comment.

    I wish I could meet you sometime. We have so much in common with gardening and antiques.

    You had emailed me a while back when my daughter lived across the road from you in the creamery building. You mentioned you bought the fireplaces in Tunkhannock where I live.

    I hope you can let me and comments again on the FB page.
    Have a great day,
    Your neighbor in Tunkhannock
    Rosanna Eso

  3. Let’s Celebrate!!!!
    Happy Birthday Bronson….and though I’m a few days late posting, it still meets our family custom of celebrating for a whole week….so it still counts to wish you a wonderful Birthday.
    Hope you are finding lots of goodies for your great home and have a blast with family & friends…stay safe and healthy.
    Hugs and Best wishes from Texas!

  4. Happy Birthday Bronson! A June baby like me! I was born/raised in the Village of Nesbit, PA and spent half my childhood in Scranton visiting cousins (you know in the old days when families took Sunday afternoon drives!) Your show is my absolute favorite show on HGTV!!!!! I LOVE the interaction between you and ‘the guys’…not to forget the architectural salvage which is totally awesome…my 3 sisters and I have talked about a trip to Harford when we are all visiting at the same time..just to view the splendor of your creations! Historic homes are so beautiful…they bring tears to my eyes. Thank you for restoring the beauty!

  5. Happy belated birthday Mr. Pinchot. It was Queen Victoria Day here in Canada but I celebrated with fireworks in your honour! As a patriot, I did spare a few sparklers for Queen Vicky!! You are looking absolutely fabulous. I wish you all the best!

    Still waiting for your show to come to Canada. We Canadians love you too!

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