Bronson is back to Hawaii Five-0!

According to TV Guide’s Mega Buzz , Bronson will be coming back to Hawaii Five-0 this season as Bastille!

This is what Mega Buzzer Natalie had to say:

The season premiere of Hawaii Five-0 was insane! Got any scoop for the upcoming season? — Jeremy
NATALIE: Yes! Bronson Pinchot will return in Season 2 as nefarious art dealer Bastille, who will once again team up with McGarrett. “Us three are in cahoots,” says Hannah Cornett, who plays Bastille’s gatekeeper. “We’ll be teaming up and maybe one of the good guys goes to the bad side, but it’s for the greater good overall.”

We’ll keep an eye on the upcoming episodes and let you know the news when we have them!
“Hawaii Five-0” airs Mondays at 10/9c on CBS.

September Q&A’s!

Here is the latest batch of fan-submitted questions Bronson has answered for us! Enjoy and send your questions for the next one!

Q&A’s 09/04/11

Q: We know that you enjoy renovating old houses. Do you also enjoy gardening? If so, what are some of your favorite plants?
A: No, but I enjoy supervising gardening. And I love being in gardens. I like willows and cypresses and hemlocks and umbrella pines. And lilacs and gardenias and peonies and climbing roses…and ivies…and clover….and wisteria…

Q: First of all I want to say, that you are a great actor. I have yet to see the rest of your work but among my favorites is Perfect Strangers and The Langoliers. My question is, did you ever see Nostalgia Critic’s review of Langoliers and if so what did you think?
A: I didn’t. Was it mean? I don’t like reviews when they make me sad.

Q: Bronson, recently I have been watching the earlier episodes of Perfect Strangers after having watched the later seasons and I noticed how much Balki’s English had improved over the years. Is this something you would change each season, or how exactly would you go about thinning out his accent?
A: I never thought about it one bit, it was organic. For a while I had a Russian trainer, and I thought he had a bit of influence on the accent which I did not put in there on purpose.

Q: What was your first impression of Mark like?
A: His hands were shaking and he had a giant plastered-on smile. That’s what I remember of Minute One.

Q: What made you decide to switch to drama from painting when you were at Yale?
A: I’d always secretly wanted to do it.

Q: What kind of deoderant do you use?
A: I forget…it’s in the bathroom. No, wait a second, I stopped using it. No one has ever complained, but many people say I have a nice smell. They could be lying.

Q: What’s your dream acting job?
A: Um, at this point, anything with lines.

Q: What inspires you?
A: Acts of compassion.

Q: The desert island question: if you were stranded in a desert island, what three things would you take with you?
A: The Odyssey, baby wipes, and an 18th century Greek mountain house.

Q: Are there any personality traits you wish you could change on yourself?
A: I tickle my Mom’s ears and pinch her butt (fairly lightly) though she begs me not to, but she is laughing when she begs. I am too fond of bread pudding with custard and chocolate chunks in it. And I wear the same jeans too often.

Q: Do you have a motto?
A: Connect.

Q: What does your dream home look like?
A: Any of Palladio’s masterpieces will do.

Q&A’s for July!

After a very busy month for Bronson, he has graciously (as always) replied to the latest questions sent by our visitors!

Q&A’s 07/06/11

Q: How, if at all, is the real Bronson anything like Balki? (I think I remember reading in one of the early PS articles that you said you are like him.)
A: Well, his playfulness is mine, and his optimism, and his rubber-legged physicality, and his vulnerability, and his instinct that everyone should be hugged. His speech and dietary patterns are his own.

Q: Are there any charities or charitable causes particularly of interest to you?
A: Poor single mothers trying their best. I feel a bit leery about organized charity.

Q: Will you ever guest star on Glee? I want to see you play Rachel’s dad!
A: Never seen it. Who’s Rachel?

Q: Bronson, did the producers of Two and a Half Men ask you to eplace Charlie Sheen?
A: Lord, no. I’m not on anybody’s radar, more’s the pity.

Q: Have you ever been to New Zealand?
A: Only in my dreams.
Q: If not, would you like to visit NZ one day?
A: Yes, if I can be knocked out for the entire trip over and wake up to a brilliant lamb supper.

Q: It seems to me at times that Balki is almost supernatural, or “super.” He can be totally benevolent to people who are trying to hurt him. He has a gift for making other people do the right thing. He has all sorts of artistic talent AND athletic ability. And some of his Myposian solutions to problems really do seem like magic: the lost pet chant, the cure for the horse’s disease. Would you agree with this interpretation?
A: Yes, absolutely. He was and is the person I would like to be.

Q: What do you like best of living in Pennsylvania?
A: The stars are like diamonds, the grass smells good when it’s cut, it’s very lush, and my home is here.

Q: I have copies of books in the Wizard of OZ series of books. If a person wanted to know what edition their book was and it was not marked but seemed to be very old what would you suggest, being that you are interested in books and the Wizard of OZ franchise? My copy of Tin Woodman of OZ has me confused in that area.
A: It is easy to do it by publisher for the first thirteen. If the Wonderful Wizard of Oz is published by George Hill, it is a first edition. If the next twelve, including Tin Woodman, are published by Reilly & Britton, they are first editions, or very early editions. In 1919 the publisher changed its name to Reilly & Lee and from that point on, you must consult a collector’s guide.

Q: What is the ultimate question?
A: Why, if given this capacity for love and kindness, do human beings act any other way to each other and to any other creatures.

Q: How long have you been rehabilitating old houses and what first got you interested in doing so?
A: Ten years. Seeing one and wanting to love it and take care of it.

If you have any questions you would like Bronson to answer in the next Q&A, send it to! 🙂

Q&A’s for May

This is the latest batch of questions Bronson kindly answered for us!

Q&A’s 05/04/11

Q: What kind of car do you have?
A: I think it’s a Ford.

Q: How do you like PA?
A: One year I spent $11,000 removing garbage that had been dumped in the woods visible from the main street over many years…old car bodies and the like. When it was pristinely beautiful, I was standing there admiring it and somebody said to me, “I really miss the way it was.” I’m not quite sure what thought process is going on there.

Q: What do you do in your spare time, if you have any?
A: I write. And I sketch what I’m going to do architecturally.

Q: What do you think of our president?
A: I think he’s doing his best, which is all any of us can ever do.

Q: Where do you like to eat?
A: At my mother’s kitchen table.

Q: Have you ever been to Las Vegas?
A: Yes. It spooks me.

Q: What do you usually do for holidays?
A: Visit with my siblings and mother and have a great time.

Q: What are your favorite, and least favorite, types of bread?
A: Raisin cinnamon and the kind that’s got so many grains and flax things in it that it tastes like a bog. When I was at Yale they used to make bread stuffed with broccoli, garlic and cheese and it rocked my mind.

Q: Is your favourite movie still The Wizard of Oz? A: Yes. But I’m not sure it can really be classified as a ‘movie’ any more. It’s the childhood of my entire generation.
Q: If not, what is it?
A: I’m not sure.

Q: Do you have a favourite song?
A: Yes, but it changes.

Q: If you were not an actor, what would you like to be?
A: Andrea Palladio.

If you have any questions you would like Bronson to answer in the next Q&A, send it to! 🙂

The Birthday Project 2011

It’s that time of the year again! We are 18 days away from Bronson’s birthday, so it’s time to start thinking of our b-day gift for this year.

For those who did not participate last year, here’s how it works: all you have to do is say “Happy Birthday” to Bronson in whatever way you want, a message, a poem, a picture, a video, an audio, anything! Send your b-day gift to until May 18th and they will all be compiled into a big Birthday video for Bronson!

Join in! 😉