November Q&A’s

Here are the November Q&A’s, just when you thought they weren’t coming! :)

Out of all the many cool questions we received this past month, here are 10 of the best! Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

Q&A’s 11/24/11

Q: What’s your favorite movie that YOU have starred in?
A: True Romance is the best film I have been in, though i suppose it’s debatable whether or not I ‘starred’ in it.

Q: If asked would you consider reprising your role as Serge if they consider making a Beverly Hills Cop 4 ?
A: Yes.

Q: What kind of junkfood do you like?
A: SReese’s peanut butter cups.

Q: Do you keep in touch with any of The Surreal Life cast?
A: I was in touch for a bit with Caprice and Omarossa. Caprice was awfully sweet and kind. Omarossa is a smart cookie. I wish we had been left alone to actually be “real.” It was so concocted and toxic that the memory of it makes me nauseous.

Q: Who are your favorite classical music composers, Renaissance and Classical artists?
A: Well often I will rock out to Von Biber. Mozart is a god, of course. Purcell has his moments. Thomas Tallis.

Q: Why don’t you like to watch yourself on screen?
A: I don’t want to get an idea in my head of what I do that’s ‘good’ and repeat it. Just being in the moment is what I want, and watching oneself harms that, I feel.

Q: When visiting foreign countries, what have been the most exotic foods you have eaten?
A: Barbecued beef intestines in Greece. It’s called kokoretsi.

Q: What do you like to drink?
A: Arnold Palmer half and half; home-made lemonade; really good cognac; Jameson’s whiskey.

Q: Do you enjoy cooking?
A: Lord, no.

Q: If so, what is your specialty?
A: Watching.

Q: Do you have nieces and nephews?
A: Yes. My favorite one looks exactly like an elf.

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