Bronson on The Todd Shapiro Show — Part Two



..the fun continues!  BEAUTY!  Listen to The Todd Shapiro Show on Sirius XM channel 168 (Canada Laughs) weekdays at 9AM Eastern.  Also, the True Romance Fest continues TONIGHT at The Safari Inn in Burbank!


P.S.  No potato pancakes were harmed during editing and airing of this interview.  Well, maybe one. 😉




3 thoughts on “Bronson on The Todd Shapiro Show — Part Two”

  1. Loved both parts of the interview, but you sound like you have a cold! Get well and hope you enjoyed TrueRomanceFest.

  2. Wow I think thats one of the funniest BP interviews and omg that laugh.his friends little boy said his laugh sounds like a squealing pig lol.thanks BP for making me laugh. Loved it

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