New Interviews + Pictures!

Chiller was a total hit, and we were left with some WONDERFUL moments of that reunion to keep for posterity. Here are a few of those moments!

Bronson and Mark shared lots of hilarious memories from their Perfect Strangers days in two interviews, the first for 106.7 Lite FM and the second for Good Day NY. And especially for our Facebook page, our friend and fellow admin Beth Yarbrough, who was at Chiller with Bronson and Mark, shared these wonderful pictures!

Enjoy! 🙂

106.7 Lite FM:

Good Day NY:

Beth and the boys:

2 thoughts on “New Interviews + Pictures!”

  1. We missed you, Lucy! Having known Bronson for years, I knew his end of the equation would be non-stop laughs – but meeting Mark for the first time was not only a true pleasure – it was confirmation, in person, of why Perfect Strangers was such an immediate hit and why it stands today as classic TV at it’s best. The two of them together were indeed perfect – and, yes, pun intended. Their comedic timing with each other has not diminished one iota. What is more, it is clear that they truly enjoy each other’s company. They also had a blast meeting and greeting the fans who came out to see them. The photo was taken at the end of the show on the last day, but from the looks of them, they are just getting warmed up:-) Thanks for posting this!

  2. Thank you Beth, for sharing the pics and the thrills of their reunion with us! Hopefully, there will be an opportunity for us all to meet in one of those! 😉

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