4 thoughts on “Perfect Strangers is on Hulu!”

  1. It was so fun watching you two together again!! I watch 4 episodes every night on Hulu so I am going to run out of them sometime. YOU both need to make more for sure. Bronson I loved your renovation show so much too wish that was still on. Hope to at least see more interviews with you guys Love you both!!!!

  2. Just watched the Piano show where you guys moved a piano up 10 flights of stairs and also where you were the Prince of maypos at a rich persons house MY FAVORITES so far lol. You guys just got better and better! Doesn’t compare to any shows now. I am loving them Bronson!!!!!!

  3. I was flipping through Hulu then i saw Perfect Strangers. I started watching it and i am now on Season 5. I had to watch the “King and I” twice bec of Balki being Elvis P. I remembered watching only few episodes while i was in the Philippines, but i never forgot how everyone in the household enjoyed watching it .

  4. I just finished watching the entire series of Perfect Strangers on Hulu. (Without a doubt, one of the funniest shows ever on TV. ) I noticed that Balki alternates being left-handed and right-handed throughout the series. My question: Is Bronson ambidextrous?

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