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2017 is almost over and we have plenty to celebrate this year! Bronson and Mark’s reunion, Perfect Strangers on Hulu, (almost) 10000 likes on Facebook and the 8th anniversary of this here website (with a new, updated design!).
To celebrate all these special milestones, we will be having a brand new Q&A with Bronson in the coming weeks!
Send in your questions via the comments or email and the selected ones will be answered by BP! 🙂

27 thoughts on “New Q&A!”

  1. Do you guys gave any idea how much water you wasted on Perfect Strangers!?? Especially that flooding of the basement episode! Good Gawd!!

    But seriously, how much water was it??? How’d they set that up? Was it gross in the water??

  2. Is there any chance Bronson can release the comedy album he recorded in the 80s? Either as a paid download or as a free gift?

  3. Hello Bronson, my name is Daisy and let me tell you how happy I was that Hulu brought Perfect Strangers Back to life! I’m 32 yrs old and I remember watching some episodes with my late father. I was small but what I remember was laughing at all of the hijinks you guys did whilst I was with my Dad. I miss those they of shows. So my question to you is, Would you consider developing a show similar to yours for this new generation that truly needs it? It would be great to see you back on the small screen or other platforms like Hulu or Netflix!! Thanks for the memories!! Sincerely, Daisy D

  4. Bronson,
    I loved the Perfect Strangers tv show when I was a kid. And I know you have always had a passion for older homes and structures. But when you played in Steven King’s The Langoliers; the character you played was a drastic change from your real life personality and of course Balki. You did quite well in the movie, but made convinced you to do that kind of role?

  5. What is one of you favorite behind the scenes memories while filming Perfect Strangers with Mark and the rest of the cast?

  6. Did you devise the various Myposian customs and other various nuances of Balki’s character?

  7. Hi Bronson. True Romance is one of my favorite movies. I especially love the elevator scene. I was just wondering how difficult a scene was it to do? Thanks. Take care.

  8. Bronson, I sent a letter requesting to meet you & Mark in ‘87 when I was coming to CA. to visit relatives. I’d hoped to be able to ‘meet’ you both to give you the gifts personally but when I got to Lorimar, I found you were under a time crunch because you were going to Chicago to film the opening sequence & couldn’t take the time. I’d made you both little wooden/needlepoint gifts as a thank you for being Balki (& Larry) because your characters helped my 5-year old son, Steven develop his memory (which helped him speech therapy). We had taped shows & played them (over & Over & OVER—-LOL!! ) for he & his younger brother (at their request)! I’d like to know if you & Mark received the gifts??? Steven is now a dad of 2 youngsters (6yr old daughter & 18 month old son). I purchased Perfect Strangers (Seasons 1 & 2) a couple of years ago & Fiona loves to watch the show & Bishop loves/dances to the theme song!!! Shortly after watching all the shows on DVD we found we’d be able to watch the rest of the Seasons on HULU. Now we are so happy, we’ll do the dance of joy!!! Susan

  9. Hey Bronson. I was a huge fan of Perfect Strangers as a kid. I also loved the character you played in True Romance. How much fun was it filming that movie? Were you excited to be acting with Dennis Hopper, and Christopher Walken?

  10. Bronnie,
    Will there ever be a “Perfect Strangers” Reunion? How about another “Beverly Hills Cop?” That would be Soooo Awesome B!?

  11. Well Bronson, what kind of question can I ask that hasn’t already been asked?? Nothing that pops into mind at the moment so I’ll start off with a simple Thank you!! A couple months back I had come across an interview, well I’ve seen several interviews that you’ve done, but there was one in particular that had strongly resonated with me. It was Public people, Private lives.

    While watching that video I just simply broke down and started sobbing. It’s not that it made me sad, in fact it was quite the opposite, it was more on the therapeutic level. Because I found your pain and experiences all to relatable. I mean head on the nail relatable. Perhaps it’s a Gemini thing. Then I found myself getting angry at the interviewer because I felt she was being too intrusive, but I guess that was her job. However, you were so open, honest, and very real… I’ve never heard anyone say the same kind of things that I’ve felt and I guess that’s what really got me. It just made me feel a little less alone in the world. So Thank you!!

    I guess the thing that I would ask is how do you keep yourself afloat when things get overwhelming, when too many things are coming at you at once, or when things don’t go the way that you’d like them to??

    I’m so proud of who you are and everything that you’ve accomplished. The yellow brick road is never without it’s obstacles but one does shine through the other side of the rainbow. You have a Beautiful mind, an Amazing talent (on all creative levels), and a Beautiful soul. I wish you nothing but Happiness and success in the years to come.

    I just wanted you to know that.

    Much Love and Respect!!
    Annette-N.W. Indiana

  12. Hello Bronson! How are you? You are one of my favorite actors. I have two questions for you. What’s your favorite book and why? What role would you like to play? Thank you!

  13. Hi Bronson Pinchot I was wondering what you did on 9/11 in 2001. I am a huge fan of your work I seen risky business and Beverly Hills cops and perfect strangers, and true romance and the surreal life from 2005, hope you have a lovely Christmas and happy new year,

  14. Dear Bronson!
    My mom & I are HUGE fans of Perfect Strangers!!! You & Mark were absolutely brilliant together, with perfect comedic timing! You always lit up the screen with your charisma & charm & we thank you so much for all the laughter you brought to our hearts; helping us to smile in difficult times! XO

    Is there any chance that you & Mark will be working together again in the future? I also remember reading in some of your interviews that you were once a vegetarian & I wondered why you gave up that life path?

    Many blessings to you! 🙂

  15. – If it were up to you, where would Balki and Larry be and what would they be doing in 2017/2018? (aside from what we saw on Jimmy Kimmel, if that counts. lol)
    – In any aspect of your life, who inspires you and why?

    Thank you, Bronson! Keep being you and stay awesome! 🙂 <3

  16. Hi Bronson! I loved watching you and Mark on Perfect Strangers when I was a teenager! It was one of those shows my whole family would sit down and watch and laugh our butts off! 🙂

    So imagine my delight of finding Perfect Strangers on Hulu while I was recovering from a laproscopic hysterectomy recently! I was required to rest and take it easy (the inactivity was driving me insane) but now I found something that could entertain me and make me feel nostalgic while I recuperate.

    I guess my only question is… The Myposian vocabulary… Were you responsible for completely making that up yourself, or was it a collaborative effort where others came up with off the wall words? I always remembered “Baba Sticky” as basically the words for crap. A way to cuss without offending anyone! Lol!

    I love the fact that you have now found something that seems to complete you (the home renovations) and I wish you continued happiness!

    PS – Are you single! 😉 Just had to ask!

  17. Hi BP! Do u have any pets? What are u up to these days. Hope u have a Merry Christmas?

  18. Hi Bronson ! What is your favorite kind of music ?
    I would like to wish you and your family Marry Christmas ..

  19. Hello Bronson! Happy New Year! So many Perfect Strangers festivities from the reunion with you and Mark to PS coming to Hulu! And I have been loving it!
    But I use to always love to see Balki in his various vests each episode. What was the fa-vah-rite vest you liked to wear?

  20. Bronson, For many years I have loved your brilliance as an artist/actor, not only for your humor and creativity, but your wild positivity and deep understanding of people. There has never been a role I’ve seen you play that wasn’t unique and brings a smile every time something reminds me of those characters and moments.

    I’ve also been lucky to have 3 children who have loved watching videos and DVDs of those performances and now share them with their friends too.

    We love your renovation projects no less, and the way your creativity and compassion extends to places as well as animals and people. You are an amazing example, and inspire all of us in many ways. I both thank you and we bless you often for that.

    As a fan, we’d like to know what sort of dream project might you have theatrically? A touring impromptu comedy or variety group? Perhaps some version of that working with local amateurs or charities? A public art project? Whatever it is, we would hope and campaign to have it come our way or travel to otherwise see it in person sometime soon.

    Love and Many Blessings to You~

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