Bronson Joins Sabrina!

If you (like me) were waiting to see Bronson return to the TV screen, I have fantastic news! 😀

Bronson has just been confirmed as a recurring character in a new Netflix series based on Sabrina the Teenage Witch! He will be playing George Hawthorne, a puritanical principal who will be a “thorn” in Sabrina’s side.

There is no estimated release date yet, but we will keep you posted on that and all news on the show.

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2 thoughts on “Bronson Joins Sabrina!”

  1. This is fantastic news! Still giddy about PS being added to Hulu and now this! I can’t wait! Definitely have to make sure my Netflix account is paid up. Love ya much B! I would’ve love to post this BP Facebook page but I can’t and it won’t let me. ?

  2. That’s really neat! Getting to see you in a new show and learning that new show was one of my favorites as a kid. Now my kids can see both.

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