The Bronson Pinchot Project Q&A

Yes, we have Q&A’s! And this is a special one, it’s The Bronson Pinchot Project Q&A! Bronson has answered 10 of your questions about the new show, check them out below!

Q&A’s 02/13/12

Q: Many major cities have many very run-down old-houses, and people would probably do the Dance of Joy if someone at all famous came in to renovate them. Will you be renovating any houses anywhere other than PA?
A: Of course! We just need to know where they are…with photos.

Q: Did your interest in renovation have anything to do with inspiring the idea for the Perfect Strangers episode, “This Old House,” in which Larry and Balki take up house-flipping?
A: Not even remotely, though it’s an intriguing idea.

Q: I absolutely love the folly (the little building with the blue roof) in your garden and was wondering if it was there when you bought the house or if you had it brought in from somewhere else.
A: It was salvaged from the top of a school in New Jersey. I brought it here and had a crane lift it into the garden.

Q: I loved the first episode of your new show and I saw that you had a beautiful car. Is it yours and are you also partial to old cars?
A: I’m extremely partial to old cars; sadly the car belongs to my little brother Justin and he can’t understand that I should just be given it. Perhaps you’d like to start a petition?

Q: Do you have a favorite part/room out of all the buildings you have worked on? If so, which is it?
A: Soooo hard to pick. Each one is my baby while I’m working on it.

Q: What was the most amazing thing you ever found in a salvage yard?
A: Ah, too many to list.

Q: We loved Mikey and C.J.! How and when did you first meet them?
A: Mikey showed up to move heavy stuff ten years ago and never left. How could I possibly let him go? He and I are best friends and we see each other every morning for coffee (quadruple-strength espresso, very sweet). CJ came on as a painter/handyman years ago and has also never left. Yesterday he came through a cancer operation with flying colors….after having survived esophageal cancer last year! He is a hero!!

Q: Hypothetical question: if you had a choice between going back in time and living in one of your homes when it was brand new, or living in it now, after you’ve restored it, which would you choose?
A: I never ever look back.

Q: If your neighbours, after watching the show, wanted you to restore their homes, would you consider it?
A: Yes, of course.

Q: If you could pick another name for the new show, which would it be?
A: Can’t think of a better one, frankly.

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