Bronson on Reddit – Ask Me Anything!

This just in: Bronson is answering the biggest Q&A in history on’s AMA (Ask Me Anything)!

He has answered over a hundred questions so far, so if you’d like to read what’s been answered already, go here: Bronson’s AMA.

35 thoughts on “Bronson on Reddit – Ask Me Anything!”

  1. He answered that question on the AMA Q&A, he says someone stole his TV and he hasn’t replaced it.

  2. I wrote him on his site, didn’t know how to post a comment,hope noone broke into his house

  3. I hope I did it right, I made a username I wrote him a few things its under comments not a question hope he gets them I would love to hear from bp

  4. Don’t worry, it looks like it’s posted ok to me, Missy. Seems like he may be working at the moment and so taking a break from Reddit, maybe he’ll come back on later. We can read all the past answers in the meantime 🙂

  5. Thank you so much racheal, he did so awesome since he doesn’t write back on his site so trying to think of some questions how long is he doing this

  6. Until he gets bored i guess! Ask away, he seems to be in the mood to answer right now! x

  7. Hi Co-sin Lucy I sent a question to the link that’s on the Facebook page but it’s so confusing. And the link above is kind of confusing as well, but I sent the same question so many times. I hope I don’t upset B. Lol. 🙂

  8. Lucy bronson changed his website around, I don’t think mine are sending my messages arnt showing there not modifying, and I’m not getting emails even though I checked the box mabe I’m approved again I don’t know I don’t like the new way missy

  9. Watching the last episode……gotta love tivo. Please tell me you will be back with new episodes!!! Your excitement is contagious….more please!!! I’m still waiting to see a Gustavian bench and maybe some les os de mouton chairs!!! In your own words “yum.” You need to visit New Orleans….the architecture leaves you breathless and wanting more! I want to touch every thing I see! The history and provenance is insane. My question: Can I look forward to next season?

  10. Hi, Purchased a 1848 farm house in Mi. and want to paint the exterior. It’s all wood and need lots of tips. Should I paint the cornerboards white, or accent color, same as the shutters? I need Bronson!

  11. How long is bp doin these questions I have so many will be respond to all I hope

  12. We have an 1898 Victorian farmhouse in Susquehanna, PA and we’re selling some of our antiques, if you’re interested. Also, does anyone know the contractors’ company that works with Bronson? My husband has been recently laid off (he’s a Master Carpenter for over 25 yrs)and I was wondering if perhaps they might be hiring?
    Love, love love the house, Bronson!!

  13. Who is that bespectacled bloke in the painting beside Bronnie above? He appears to be eating a tree growing from B’s left wrist. Wha..?

  14. Hahaha, it’s a guy playing a saxophone X-D I don’t know who it is though
    Kinda looks like Arsenio Hall from far away haha

  15. Rachel, thanks! It is a sax! (A tree? I obviously need my eyes checked.) Sonny Rollins maybe? Nice!

  16. Wonder what’s on the other wall, a window, wonder what one of his houses he’s in

  17. Love the Bronson Pinchot Project! Just curious, are you heating all the rooms of your houses as they would have been heated when built (stoves or fireplaces)or did you install central heating as a 21st century perk?

  18. yo congrats on 2nd. SEASON SUCCESS!!

    i am so happy for you. we love your show and what you’re doing. rock on.

    now, WHEN YOU GUYS COMING TO VISIT? i will be sending you pics of other columns and stuff.
    Looking forward!!

    HEY CJ!

    evil ev @ city lights ithaca

  19. Hello Mr. Pinchot,
    I watched your program for the first time yesterday and was impressed with all the retro-fitting you are doing. I have a coverlet that was hand made ca 1820, blue and white, and wondered if you might be interested. It has a provence sewen onto the corner of the coverlet. Good luck with your renovations!!!

  20. love your show – renovated an old church (early 1900) – where do we look for people who would be interested in the old doors (rounded tops) lighting etc

  21. Could there possibly be a coffee table style book on your decorating projects in the works???..If not, there should be.

  22. Hi, love, love your show. I was wondering if the first season will be on DVD? I got to see some of your show on free previews for i do not have the package with DIY. If it is not, would you be able to ? I would really love to see the rest of the season. I love your vision for your remodels. I hope when you are finished you can continue to do other homes in need of mending and continue on for a long time. Keep up the great work.

  23. Are there going to be any shows on landscaping the properties? I’m hoping so, and also for plenty of armillaries.

  24. Bronson,

    I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your show! I have always had a passion for historic architecture. Do you know if it will be on DVD at some point? Your knowledge and your interactions with Mikey really make the show.

    My best to you both! Looking forward to season 2!

    Melissa Jurgensen

  25. Ohh i just realised like 10000 years later – that pic is him in the audio recording studio place! Doh. He DID say!

  26. I hope bronson.does this again some day, this was awsome, so sweet he answered a lot of fan questions, :))

  27. I love the show! Hope Season 3 will be great. Do you respond to questios? I have one. About Law and Order, Criminal Intent. May you have only the best of luck in the future. Good luck on the restoration.

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