Happy Birthday, Bronson!

On this May 20th, Bronson is celebrating his 53rd birthday! As a token of our appreciation, several fans at the Bronson Pinchot Online FB Page and myself decided to continue the birthday video tradition and create something special for Bronson on this special day!

Happy Birthday, B, this one is for you:

Thanks everyone who participated in the video/slideshow, you rock! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Bronson!”

  1. Happy Birthday Mr. Pinchot. Sir, you are and will remain the best! Lots of love to you on this most special day.

  2. You did a terrific job, Lucy. Thanks for doing this for Bronson and our fantastic group of Bronson fans/friends!!


  3. Thanks again Lucy for letting us do this for bronson, I love the site, made wonderful friends, hopefully we can continue this tradition, bp gets to see what his fans look like, so thanks Lucy,

  4. God, here I am on the internet after only 1.5 beers.
    Just kidding.
    I agree, your work IS inspirational.
    Therefore, certaintly worthy a mention.
    As I am on the scene after only 2 episodes speeks volulms
    Good jub melding an under appreciated arkitectional style with your current cercumstances.
    God, hor did it come to be 2 beer?
    Just kidding.

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