The following bio was written by Bronson for Playbill around the time he was perfoming in “Sly Fox” (2004).

Bronson Pinchot is always intrigued by how little actual biographical information can be gleaned from the average Playbill biography. If, for example, he simply enters “Henry V and A Winter’s Tale at the NY Shakespeare Festival” would you know, if you weren’t there, sitting on soggy bleachers and marveling at the near-imperceptible difference between 99% humidity and actual rainfall, that he played Pistol and Autolycus, respectively? Mr. Pinchot made his Broadway debut (in Putting It Together) in this theatre, six million dollars of renovation ago (on the Barrymore, not Mr. Pinchot) and was the first South Pasadenan to play Charlie/Caroline etc. in Stones in His Pockets in London. Film/TV: Risky Business, Beverly Hills Cop, True Romance, “Perfect Strangers.” His performance as a child murderer in Stephen King’s “The Langoliers” has its own rotunda in the Smithsonian’s new Wing for Comic Actors With Something to Prove.

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