If you’re a fan of The Leftovers you probably caught that the whole Perfect Strangers cast disappeared in a “Rapture-like event”.  Check out Bronson’s reaction and how it came about in the article here. 🙂

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Bronson Pinchot chooses his pick for best hair at brunch #TrueRomanceFest

Q & A with “True Romance” star Bronson Pinchot

Fox Beat:  Geeking Out at True Romance Fest

First ‘True Romance’ festival in Burbank proves that love never dies

JoBlo spends the weekend at True Romance Fest

..and Jimmy O from’s interview with Bronson:




Bronson has been doing some guest blogging on Beth Yarbrough’s Southern Voice! Read his rhapsody on pie here.


While BP was in Boston for Super Mega Fest in November, he took a tour of Kittredge House — a 19th-century mansion in Roxbury’s Highland Park neighborhood that is being renovated into apartments by Historic Boston Inc.  Check out the articles here and here!

We have more links for the newest articles and interviews with Bronson promoting The Bronson Pinchot Project! Enjoy!

A wonderful article with new pictures from Associated Press!
Article from the Susquehanna Independent Weekender
Bloomberg’s Taking Stock audio interview
Cinestar’s Video Interview
Short audio interview from Family Life News

Blackstone Audio’s Studio Director and award-winning narrator Grover Gardner conducted a fabulous interview with Bronson recently, in which they discuss Bronson’s work with audiobooks and with Blackstone, focusing on his award-winning reading of “Matterhorn” and more recently, Karl Marlantes’ memoir What It Is Like to Go to War.

You can read AND hear this great interview here!

according to the USA Today pop culture blog, Pop Candy.
Read more about it here.


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