#TBT Even More Meego!

These were the last episodes CBS aired before cancellation.  We’ll post the ones that aired overseas on future #TBT posts! 🙂


Fatal Attraction — aired 10/17/97.  Be careful what you wish for! Trip learns a valuable lesson after he takes Meego’s magic wrist device and uses it to trick a popular girl into believing that he’s the boy of her dreams. Trip initially enjoys the attention but changes his mind when his new “girlfriend” Brooke begins shadowing him and hanging on his every word. Meanwhile, the alien plays poker with Dr. Parker and some interns.



Halloween — aired 10/24/97.  Maggie finds out that her secret admirer will be arriving incognito at her Halloween party and enlists Meego’s aid in unmasking the mystery man, while Meego tends to spooky tasks of his own when he sets out to give Trip a scare.


One thought on “#TBT Even More Meego!”

  1. Is there any way I can watch these Meego episodes? They’re all private.

    Also, are you ever going to post the unaired episodes? I didn’t even know there were unaired episodes until yesterday, lol.

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