Interview with Jennifer Roberson & Bronson Pinchot about “Chronicles of the Cheysuli”

If you don’t wander over to Facebook all that often — here’s the latest from Bronson:

Author Jennifer Roberson and I are going to interview each other for and we are both interested in any questions people would like us to ask each other. As many of you know I am an audiobook narrator and one of the highest high points of my audio career has been narrating Jennifer’s “Chronicles of the Cheysuli” series, all eight of them. If you are familiar with the books, of which I am now a huge fan, please let us hear what questions you think we should ask each other.
Bestest, B

The first four audiobooks of the “Cheysuli” series was drop March 11th.

Listening the interview

Listening the audiobooks “Chronicles of the Cheysuli”

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