Well, according to Jeff VanderMeer¬†anyway ūüėČ . ¬†Actually, it’s pretty awesome. ¬†Check it out¬†here. ¬†Also, scroll down a bit and get an earful of BP’s audiobooks, including Mr. VanderMeer’s Authority.


One Response to This Is the Best 5,453 Word Interview With Bronson Pinchot About Audiobooks You Will Ever Read

  • A.J. Juilliard says:

    I just listened to Bronson’s reading of the Patricia Highsmith’s classic STRANGERS ON A TRAIN. I was bowled over by his ability to embody the nuances of each character. I have never heard a better audio presentation. Not only is Mr. Pinchot a brilliant actor, but also a gifted director. As well as performing, I feel he should be open to helming projects. He seems to be gifted in that respect. It is said that Ms. High smith was upset with Alfred Hitchcock’s film. I suspect she would be delighted if she heard Bronson’s Pinchot’s interpretation.

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