DVR ALERT! Bronson Pinchot Project airings!



Well, among other atrocities on the planet, it looks like we won’t be treated to new episodes of The Bronson Pinchot Project anytime soon (hint, hint you other TV networks you).  Don’t fret!  DIY Network will be airing ALL of the episodes at the insomniac/early riser/just stumbling in the door time of 4:30AM Eastern/1:30AM Pacific.  EDIT:  Ohhhhh.. upcoming airings at 8AM Eastern/5AM Pacific!

They will also be airing the ONLY episode of Bronson Saves America on 9/29.

You can find out when BP will be on the TV here.

BPP Airings

Times may change and all that.

One thought on “DVR ALERT! Bronson Pinchot Project airings!”

  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this show. Left 6 episodes on my DVR so I could binge watch. 21 minutes of my last one and I am so sad :). Bronson is undoubtedly a genius and Mikey is a panda, and their relationship is so pure. This show! Far beyond DIY. Absolute brilliance.

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