Bronson on NCIS October 28th!

YES!  More BP on the TeeVee!  Bronson will be guest starring on next week’s episode of NCIS titled “Parental Guidance Suggested”.

The Lowdown:

The NCIS team must determine if the murder of a Navy commander’s wife is linked to her profession as a therapist or an act of terrorism after finding the commander’s name on a Jihadist target list. Meanwhile, the team discusses Halloween costumes and Tony’s recent dating habits.



NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8pm on CBS.

6 thoughts on “Bronson on NCIS October 28th!”

  1. Omg, cant wait to see this, even though I hate this show lol.BP as a cannibal serial killer, that must of been a tuff part for BP to play

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