The Bronson Pinchot Project!

This might be old news for some of us who have been VERY excited about the prospect of a new TV show with Bronson for most of this year, but now it is official: Bronson’s new TV show, “The Bronson Pinchot Project” will premiere on Jan 21st, 2012 on the DIY Network!

“The Bronson Pinchot Project” follows Bronson as he works his restoration magic turning his own buildings and homes in the Harford, PA area into beautiful masterpieces.

Check out our neat countdown on the sidebar and don’t miss the premiere of “The Bronson Pinchot Project” next January!

76 thoughts on “The Bronson Pinchot Project!”

  1. I am amazed that there are so many things about your show that I adore. The respect you have for the history of home and hearth, your vast knowledge of architecture, art, and watching your inner child come out when a new piece of crusty wood enters your life, or a new light fixture. Thank you ever so much for the most entertaining and educational show on television…PS. How is C.J., I am quite worried about him?

  2. I live in Canada and can’t find your show on our schedule. Is it still airing and if so does it air here?

  3. Bronson,
    Love your show,just found it .Love Mickie and all your guys.Really look forward to all your projects.Love your elf house.I had one once.I’ve lived in old houses all my life and Love them.Thank you for sharing.

  4. My family loves your show, which includes my 12 year old son and 8 year old daughter. It is the one show that we all can sit down together and watch as a family. My son loves it so much he wants to redo his room this summer using nothing but repurposed material.Thank for such a great show. Love it!!

  5. Great show, a spectacular sense of humor (knew that already) and amazing sense of design for restoration..very good show! Thanks for bringing it to us!

  6. Loved the first show I saw. Love how things get recycled over and over to be used as other things. That’s how we do too.From a fellow Pennsylvanian, I welcome you to the neighborhood!

  7. Hi Bronson,
    I have seen you onTV for many years but I am pleased with your new show, The Bronson Pinchot Project. I am a DIY person myself, as well as my 8 yr. old grandson, Luke. We both watch your show when it’s on. I have promised him that I will make him a tree house in our back yard this summer. I found a neat little house on the Internet that seemslike it would be easy to build. He would like to come to your home and get some ideas from you. Do you ever allow visitors and if so, will we be able to come down next week to see your project? We would not take up much of your time.
    Please let me know. Thank you.
    Sincerely, Thelma Whitcombe. 607-723-3383

  8. I appreciate salvaging rather than discarding. Watching the beautiful molding, doors, columns & mantels being cut apart(however wonderfully well done) has taken some getting used to. I no longer “HALLER” when you tell us what is to be done.
    When you decided to remove the frame from the painting to insert into the South Parlor wall, my comment was “he did not say he was removing the frame”. It looked fine as it was. . . . . sooooo . . I realized maybe. . .the show is about exceptional NOT fine.
    Finally!! A group of people (I believe) enjoy what they do . . .do it so well and create extraordinary results. So impressed by the tedious work done to dismantle, imagine and create unique rooms.
    Enjoy the show and wish I could think that far outside the box.. . .Good job.
    Please do not run out of projects anytime soon.

  9. I so agree with “Tracy Cusack Gatlins” comments. I love your show, the cast, the theme. EVERYTHING:) Seeing the end results to your projects just gives me warm fuzzies:) I too LOVE old, rustic, crusty, chippy, rusty, delapadated (?), the crustier the better. Thanks A Bunch for sharing your love with us:)

  10. Been watching as the house takes on character. Tub in the kitchen, well, that’s pioneer. Taking on another building with all the spare parts.

  11. Been watching as the house takes on character. Tub in the kitchen, well, that’s pioneer. Taking on another building with all the spare parts.?

  12. This is what I watch (reruns of course) when something is bothering me or making me unhappy, it immediately perks me up. I get so lost in what is going on and the upbeat people and brilliant way Branson’s mind works when he sees things. I love every thing about it. Thanks for this show. Cant wait for new season

  13. My Grandson and I love the show. I am on my way to Pennsylvania to visit relatives and I plan to make a stop in Harford to see the awesomeness for myself! will have to take lots of pictures since my grandson couldn’t make the trip. he is still in school.

  14. Love the show……..enjoy watching you put your home together with recycled items.

  15. What a great and original show! All of the folks involved seem to work well together. Mikey has such a nice, happy attitude. It is catching. It is also educational. We have learned many facts concerning antique building materials etc. It gets a bit boring to watch construction of one cracker box room after another where all actions are completely predictable.. Your show is always giving us new surprises and ways to accomplish things… So interesting when putting up the old cupola from Maine. Would love to come and see your home. Pa. has many beautiful areas. Good luck with the project!
    Ruthanne Hayes Haight, Redmond, Wa.

  16. I am so addicted to this show. I love everything you go shopping for to build with. So many ideas and wonderful old items made to look awesome!

  17. I am totally hooked on your show and have led others to watch your shows as well. The ideas and incredible ability to adapt old historic homes into your home is amazing. I even have a couple of “Doomsday preppers” intrigued by what you do. Am definitely going to watch the new project.

  18. LOVE, Love, love, this show! When will the new season begin? I need to put it in my cell phone so I don’t miss a single episode. I, too, live in an older home and am replacing the “modern” oak they had used to replace the “older” dark mahogany. Are people just crazy when they do that??? Wish Bronson could visit us and give us some advice and bring his crew to do our kitchen… old lady can wish can’t she???

  19. I have been watching your restoration project over the last year, am quite impressed with how much care you use in keeping it historically correct. My Dad was an Antique dealer and Auctioneer, so I appreciate your work. When you went to Brimmfield it brought back memories. I am in hopes that you could be of help to me with our historically correct home in Maine. The house was built from circa 1776 and has never been out of our family. We have a lot of documented history. I not only thought you would be interested in this history, but would like to speak privately with you on an idea I have, hoping you could help with contacts once you have the whole story. Hope I’ve peeked your curiosity! Look forward to communicating with you.

  20. Dear Bronson,

    To me in particular, Balki did not make me laugh, he made me cry, tears of sheer joy, love and affection.
    He brings out the best in me, the best in awe-inspiring virtues, pure, lovable candid, kindered spirit inside of me.
    Thank you for bringing this character to life, albeit 20 years ago, he still lives inside of me and will be for a long long time.

    ps–I think Mark and Bronson made the crème de la crème duo pair in all television history. The comraderie between the two of you was in a term, magnificent.

    Kind regards,
    Manhattan, NY.

  21. hi Bronson!

    great show: smart, funny, sweet. see if u can get those execs at diy to put ur show on more often!

    huggie bears,

  22. Watching your show makes me smile, I have 10 shows recorded
    Will there be any new ones on this year 2014.

  23. Your shows are most inspiring. . I have had in my posession since approx 1960 2 cast iron tables most unique, from Ireland circa 1840, they are in excellent shape, I have loved and cared for these tables very much.. I bought them from an elderly couple that brought them to the US from the UK by ship. The tables have 4 swivel chairs that work from a fulcrum in each leg. The chairs have an iron saddle with a small wood back rest and seat. I had these copied from the originals. Since there was no table top, I used Portugese marble. I would like to know if you are interested in them/ and/or who might be interested. Please let me know, email will be great.PS: I am 84 years old this year so would be happy to sell them.

  24. Love your show! For the past few months I have been enjoying your creations, visions and your humor (Good gracious, you make me laugh!). I appreciate your style, I love the little tid-bits of information you give when explaining the age of your piece and the importance of keeping it original.

    Please, keep buying the homes in your town and keep yourself busy, entertaining and truly enlightening me. You have a gift, thank you for sharing it!

    Thank you!

    Michelle Alexander

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