The Bronson Pinchot Project Q&A

Yes, we have Q&A’s! And this is a special one, it’s The Bronson Pinchot Project Q&A! Bronson has answered 10 of your questions about the new show, check them out below!

Q&A’s 02/13/12

Q: Many major cities have many very run-down old-houses, and people would probably do the Dance of Joy if someone at all famous came in to renovate them. Will you be renovating any houses anywhere other than PA?
A: Of course! We just need to know where they are….with photos.

Q: Did your interest in renovation have anything to do with inspiring the idea for the Perfect Strangers episode, “This Old House,” in which Larry and Balki take up house-flipping?
A: Not even remotely, though it’s an intriguing idea.

Q: I absolutely love the folly (the little building with the blue roof) in your garden and was wondering if it was there when you bought the house or if you had it brought in from somewhere else.
A: It was salvaged from the top of a school in New Jersey. I brought it here and had a crane lift it into the garden.

Q: I loved the first episode of your new show and I saw that you had a beautiful car. Is it yours and are you also partial to old cars?
A: I’m extremely partial to old cars; sadly the car belongs to my little brother Justin and he can’t understand that I should just be given it. Perhaps you’d like to start a petition?

Q: Do you have a favorite part/room out of all the buildings you have worked on? If so, which is it?
A: Soooo hard to pick. Each one is my baby while I’m working on it.

Q: What was the most amazing thing you ever found in a salvage yard?
A: Ah, too many to list.

Q: We loved Mikey and C.J.! How and when did you first meet them?
A: Mikey showed up to move heavy stuff ten years ago and never left. How could I possibly let him go? He and I are best friends and we see each other every morning for coffee (quadruple-strength espresso, very sweet). CJ came on as a painter/handyman years ago and has also never left. Yesterday he came through a cancer operation with flying colors….after having survived esophageal cancer last year! He is a hero!!

Q: Hypothetical question: if you had a choice between going back in time and living in one of your homes when it was brand new, or living in it now, after you’ve restored it, which would you choose?
A: I never ever look back.

Q: If your neighbours, after watching the show, wanted you to restore their homes, would you consider it?
A: Yes, of course.

Q: If you could pick another name for the new show, which would it be?
A: Can’t think of a better one, frankly.

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25 thoughts on “The Bronson Pinchot Project Q&A”

  1. We have an 1888 Victorian in a small city of Birdsboro, PA. 2 hours drive to NYC, 1 hour to Philadelphia. We have done a lot to this place but it still needs more. Any interest in our home/remodeling efforts, or something you would like to take on?

  2. Just wanted your new show for the first time. Loved it. My question is this… what brand of Lime Wax did you use on the dining room floor? I’d love to do this finish in our master bedroom. Very pretty. Thanks in advance!
    Becky Caesar
    Athens, OH

  3. Re the Carriage House, I was really curious as to why Bronson chose not to distress the Swedish detail he carefully painted on that lovely doorway. After seeing old homes and antiques in Norway, I concluded that he (BP) would do some “weathering” in order to age it a bit.

    FYI – I’ve added The Swedish Room to my Amazon Wishlist :). Thanks for monitoring the comments and questions, Lucy, you must be extraordinary :).

  4. I actually live in Harford Twp only a few miles away from Mr Pinchot’s place. I am just loving this show! It is a piece of heaven here, and it’s so wild to see the area I love so much through a different lens if you will. I have lived here for over 5 years and have never seen him around but I’d love to tell him how much I love and enjoy what he’s doing.

    I am wondering why Decker House doesn’t currently look like it did after the show that aired last night (3/10), unless it’s not the property set back across the road from the Greek Revival house. I was pretty sure that was where it was but perhaps I am mistaken.

    Lastly I wanted to let Mr Pinchot know if he’s reading this that we’re living in a 100+ year old farmhouse that is in need of your amazing restoration talents. It is suffocating in ugly white aluminum siding with absolutely no personality to speak of. Inside has some great potential but was just plain messed up by previous owners.

    I am hopeful your show will enjoy a long run, and if you need a project home when you run out of projects in your own homes, please feel free to contact me!

  5. Hi joann, I was reading you live in harford pa too, I love bronson, do you drive by his house a lot, he said there’s no buisnesses or gas stations but I read you have Exxon gas and some resturants, my friend and love bronson so much we mailed him a letter with a teddy bear hope he likes it, suprized you never saw him, such a small town, tell me alittle bit more about harford, I’m in ct are capital is hartford similar, I hope to hear from bronson one day its been my dream to meet him, isn’t he cute, but I no I never will so when we wrote the letter we put are emails down its worth a shot right,

  6. Hi joann, I was wondering if you had Facebook, would love to have you as a friend since you live near bronson, I love him, my name Melissa carrafiello or twitter @choirmissy31

  7. Hi,

    am watching your show as write. Do you do renovations for military familys, mother/son who is in the military. 3 tours over in the war zones. just want him to have a comfortable, home to come to we are in need of several repairs.

  8. Just have to say I love your show! I’m hooked, can’t wait to see more. You are a genius.

  9. Hi, Bronchot – just saw the Decker house episode and loved it! Set it for TiVO, in fact. We knew each other a million years ago in college. Trouble in Tahiti indeed! Glad to see you are thriving and that your personality hasn’t changed a jot.

    Julie Lloyd

  10. PS No idea why I smashed your first and last names together, Bronson. Too much coffee? Not enough? Sorry about that. Julie Lloyd

  11. Hey Bronson, I love your show! I have a question. What came first? Did you already have a connection to Harford,Pa or was it a search for this type of home that lead you there? I live about 2 hours from you. I hope to see more of you on t.v.. I hope when this show is over, you will do more like it!

  12. I have a daughter who like Mikey was an undercover angel! I love watching your show because he’s the male version of her happy self! Thanks for being so kind….not everybody is.

  13. hi i just wanted to let you know i really enjoy your new show on diy. i just happen to stumble on it one night. i find it very entertaining. and you know alot about history, pieces, etc… ive learned alot so far. i do alot of my own remodeling in my own home also. although it isnt as fancy as what you are doing. i have to work with what i have. but i might try the venitian plaster in my diningroom, you are very funny. and we are the same age. i used to watch you on perfect strangers. i like to go to antique stores and hunt around for things. i refinish furniture. im working on a 6 ft. bench right now, and finishing a hope chest. the end result is so rewarding. please continue to make more shows. it gives me hope that something old can become new again. thanks so much, sincerly JILL A. NOLAN

  14. I just wanted to tell you what a great job you’re doing on your homes. It’s nice to see someone protecting the earth and using recycled materials. You should be very proud of yourself. They truly are a work of art….real masterpieces. It’s great to be able to see your homes come to life. Thank you for sharing them with us. I’m so thrilled that you’re able to live your dream and having so much fun doing it. Looking forward to future episodes. Can’t wait to see what’s in store next. Good luck and enjoy!! Sincerely, Sharon Genest

  15. mister pinchot, i and others are wondering if the restoration work that your team does for you is up to code in the city,county, and state you are in?

  16. The show on the renovation of your sitting room was amazing. The final result took my breath away. You are a truly talented person!

  17. I am crazy about your show. I also love that you throw in a lesson in architectural history when you can. Come on over to Ohio, we have lots of beautiful abandoned old home/buildings. Its such a tribute that abandoned structures can live again in such style. How lucky you are to have found terrifically talented people to work with, and you are the overlord of creative restoration.

  18. We enjoy watching your show, and we love your spare of moment ideas, and how you can picture it in your mind, than Mikey and CJ and the crew can make it a reality! We have an home that was built in 1901, we just love coming up with ideas to restore the old country home. I wish maybe someday, you would open your home to the public for tours of this great home and the Decker house. CJ is an awesome carpenter! Now my question, after the big build up. : ) is..How do you seal or make your floors not leak air. We have the original floors, but they seem to leak air up in them? Do you use some type of sealer? WE love your show in Arkansas..keep up the ideas, we just love your designs.

  19. Love your show! I asked my husband if we could make a detour on our way from Florida to Salem Mass this summer to visit our Son to see your houses and visit Hareford….he said yes!
    My brother in Houston has a thriving business reclaiming pieces of old homes and business…in fact his weekend home on the Brazo River is built of reclaimed items.
    Say hello to CJ and Mikey…

  20. Salve!
    I was stunned when I first saw your show for the first time this past Fall. I didn’t associate your name with your face. I’m like that. I’ll remember most any face and associate it with a task, job, etc. But put a gun to my head to live or die, I’d die while trying to remember a name.

    Interestingly, I watched a rerun of a Law & Order. Still missed the end and have to find it again so I can know if you killed your wife or not. 😉 I never realized how many shows/movies/etc. that you’ve done. I love your work, professionally speaking about acting. Your passion for restoring these old homes is amazing and frankly admirable. I’m a DIYer, but have limited resources to accomplish what I’d like to do. I’m also a disabled veteran with debilitating injuries/conditions. So, slow is the name of my tune. I’d love to see you help Project manage the restoration of all those old homes near your home(s). Great job, and stay crazy.

  21. I would absolutely LOVE to see a future Coffee Table book on your finished projects….any plans of one?…As you are well aware, books for reference are a beautiful thing!!….Would love to have yours in my collection.

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