Today, I come bearing amazing news straight from Bronson: The Bronson Pinchot Project has just been renewed for a second season!!

Production for Season 2 starts in May.

Thank you for watching and helping make The Bronson Pinchot Project a success! See you next season! 🙂

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  • Lisa D'Angelo says:

    Faaaaaaaaaantastic news!!! I knew it would happen, but it’s SO nice to have confirmation. Yesssssssssssss!!

  • melissa carrafiello says:

    I’m so excited, can’t even amagine what bp is doing now, going nuts I’m sure, its starts in may but when will it come on tv like Sept, good thing bp finished his audio books in time , congrats bp, love you

  • Rachel says:

    This is so BRILLIANT to hear 😀

    Thanks Lucy x

  • Lisa D'Angelo says:

    Thanks for sharing the incredible news, Lucy!! I asked my daughter to contact for me yesterday..don’t know if she ever did. Thanks again and HUGE congrats to Bronson and everyone..SO happy for you all!!

  • melissa carrafiello says:

    I have a question, when bronson was working on his home and decker last season, I was wondering wouldn’t he have that done now he’s been in pa for 12 yrs, can’t wait to see what he’s doing now

  • Rachel says:

    Regarding taking time with the completetion of his houses, I think he often waits until he comes across the ‘right’ materials for his rooms and doesn’t rush things by filling them up in the meantime with less suited things, just so it appears to be finished.

  • Vicki says:

    Yippie! Can’t wait

  • Corinne Geras says:

    FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll be looking forward to the 2nd season.

    Hey, Bronnie P….Congratulations! You are GENIUS !!!!!

  • Jeff says:

    Yes! I’m not going to lie though, it was weird to see this right away because I just came to your website to see when new episodes would be coming…

  • Stephanie Gaudreau says:

    Bronson is crazy talented and seems to have a great relationship with all of the people he works with on his projects. As a fellow restoration enthusiast I have an enormous admiration for the love he puts into the project and his incredible sense of style. I love watching this show.

  • pico says:

    HURRAY! You could not be more well-suited for this. Primo! Love the show!

  • liz says:

    Great show! You are most entertaining & quite amusing. And, a master of the art of salvage! Love it!!!

  • I just discovered this show and love it!

  • Pat B says:

    Since I discovered the show I don’t miss it. Love it! Always been an admirer of Greek Revival, coming gro
    The south. Is the first season on DVD ? I missed one show . Happy, happy you are coming back!

  • Maria Shiyou says:

    Oh, that makes me do the “dance of joy”!!! (Here we call it the “happy dance”. 🙂

  • Allison says:

    So glad I found your show on DIY & THANK YOU for showing us the love and research and hard work involved in making your renovations exactly that way you envision, and it’s fantastic to see the passion & knowledge you & your crew possess. It’s also ticklishly fun to be reminded that a hard-working construction crew isn’t standing around in their tight t-shirts with perfect hair, but are strong and bent and dirty AND SMOKING! 🙂 Your creations are gorgeous–thank you for bringing us into your renovation world.

  • OK- guys—Yes, I’m watching the Show now and taping it! We were blown away to see you in Brimfield a couple weeks ago—Your display,your crew, and your attitude was wild and wonderful and we want to woo you into joining us in October…We want Designers and Architects and home furnishings businesses to have a taste of the talented Bronson Pinchot…and we truly believe that the Market in High Point- the largest Home furnishing show in the World– would make for an exciting crazy episode for your show!!!

    We think you would feel right at home!
    Well-Congratulations on the renewal!- We look forward to enjoying more inspirational episodes from you guys- Karen Luisana

  • Dawn says:

    I recently stumbled across the show by accident on DIY Canada. Being a longtime fan of BP’s (I’m not going to say how long…LOL), I was aware of the show, but didn’t think our version of DIY would air it. Actually, I pretty much never watched the network because the renos or whatever always look exactly the same. Anyway…rambling…I love the show and it has disappeared from the Canadian schedule, which is a little frustrating since I only saw about 4 episodes. Hopefully it will return with the new season when it is ready for air!

  • Lou M. says:

    I just happened onto the program and have not missed any since, even searched for previous programing. The show is REAL and B.P. knows what he wants and entertains us while doing. After seeing some of the things, like lime wax, I have tried and really like it. Hope B.P. has projects for the next twenty years.

  • Terri says:

    Yes! I love this show and was hoping there would be a season 2!!’

  • April Rooney says:

    My husband and i love your show!!! Can’t wait for season 2 you are the master of salvage.

  • Kristofor says:

    Awesome to see you got a second season. I cannot wait to see more of Harford on TV as I am from the Binghamton area.

  • Mikey says:

    Love my Saturday nights with Vanilla Ice and Bronson Pinchot projects. Great to hear a season 2 is on the way.

  • Cathy says:

    I can hardly wait…I was glued to the tv with the other shows, recorded them and won’t let hubby delete them…love to watch them over and over…love his work, so much talent..

  • Denise says:

    The main house is gaw-freaking-jus. In the second season, would you show some before photos of the exterior? And keep dropping the names of the salvage places you use, please. Thanks!

    Love this show, you have a really great eye. The other one is only very good.

  • Renienyg says:

    When does new season begin on tv?

  • Terry Stoecklhuber says:

    I agree with Mikey-Vanilla Ice and Bronson Pinchot make t.v. on Saturday Nights worth watching! Happy to know both shows will be back.
    Bronson has such an eye for detail-and I love how he places the beautiful old salvaged windows in his rooms!

  • Barbara J. Kelchner says:

    I recorded 8 episodes of your show. Love every one! Hope I got them all. I am so glad you are back for a second season. Can’t wait. I am so tired of seeing people smash all things old and every house ends up with no character at all. So glad you appreciate the “old” stuff. We need more people like you. Your crew is very talented also, they are really good. Please keep buying old broken down houses and making them live again!

  • Jeff Cole says:

    I keep watching the same episodes over again because I enjoy them so much. Can’t wait to see what horrible laminate and vinyl you tear out next.

  • Jamie Thomas says:

    Thank heavens! I’m waiting faithfully for the new season! BP is real, down to earth and strangely has guided me to college for design. (Something I SWORE would never happen) I detest schooling but love learning, so thank you kind sir! Here I am a 40ish lady starting all over again. On second thought, I should probably slap you BP but instinctively, something tells me me you just miiiiight like that. 🙂 Keep it coming big man, you inspired the lost, trust me…..I KNOW.

  • great show. season 2 let’s go already!

  • linda larson says:

    I loooove this show, BUT I have watched every show 3 or 4 times I need new ones. When will I get them ? Love the stuff he does…

    Thanks so much

  • alesia shaw says:

    I live in a small town in the Southwestern Missouri. I have sold real estate for over 15 years and I absolutly love seeing what you have done to revive the structures. I have reconditioned buildings in my mind for most of my life and I am addicted to your show because it is not a postage stamp (.no pun intended) diy show. Have you noticed how that homes built before 1920 were not just planted? The building sites take advantage of all of the elements around them and are more protected from the elements also.

  • Jim says:

    Will the show be coming out on DVD

  • Lucy says:

    We still don’t have that info, but I would guess that it will come out on DVD eventually, hopefully soon!

  • Jim says:

    I hope it comes out on DVD .. BTW Bronson is scheduled to attend Chiller Con in October here in NJ

  • Becky says:

    Loved this show! I could watch it all day….as a matter of fact I did. Love the ideas, and the team. Tooooo funny. So many old houses could use you.

  • Kathy says:

    Help! I love this show but cannot find it on DYI on Sat. @ 10PM EDT. This is a good-feeling show and it is really bumming me out that I cannot find it! Help plz!

    Much Love, Bronson!

  • Tina Pasquale-Santospago says:

    Bronson’s house is magnificent; intensily creative genius, he tis. Is there anything he is not good at? If I had one complaint, it is that his show is not long enough. The commercials consume the bulk of time. As I have said before, he steals the show in everything he is in or a part of. What can he say, he has jenesequa. I just know I have been introduced to another side of him, that I love. KEEP CREATING masterpieces, Obi-Wan Kenobi of great 19th century Roman-Greco salvage uncovered !

  • Mer says:

    One word… Yummy!

  • Elizabeth J says:

    …love watching Bronson’s amazing talents in refrubushing his home, with all his great
    finds. Wish we had these some of these restoration places close to us…

    PLEASE, ask Bronson to write a book on how this is done and where in the USA/Canada these restoration stores are located. There could be a whole index from each state and they could pay to be includes in his book.

  • kathy kop[chinski says:

    Bronson, NY Salvage (on Ebay) and in Oneota NY has dismantled Greek Revial home for sale….everything more or less but the frame…
    My hubby is not up to a project like that, now that he is retired, but thought you may be interested……LOVE YOUR SHOW, LOVE YOUR continual youthful enthusiasm, and hope you stay on DIY FOREVER! Thank you for everything. kk

  • Kevin says:

    How come we aren’t seeing the bronson pinchot project in canada?

  • Debbie says:

    My family and I are so happy the show will be back on. It is different and funny and also educational. Yeah !!

  • Where?… Where?… Where? I’ve been checking the DIY network continually and haven’t seen any mention of your program!
    BRONSON, WHERE ARE YOU? American needs you!

  • Joe Klerin says:

    I just came across this show in what I am guessing is re-runs and was wondering if the show has been picked up for the 2014 season? I really like this show and being from the general area where it is filmed (Wilkes-Barre, PA.) I enjoy seeing local settings on a national format, not to mention the show and Bronson himself with all his quirkiness, is just great. The work he is doing on these properties is just fantastic. I am hoping that he’s been picked up for atleast another season.

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