The Mega Merry Christmas Post!

A few of Bronson’s awesome fans sent us some great Xmas messages to share with you all in this special day!

From Kristen:

From Megan:

Happy holidays to Bronson and all his fans! I hope everyone has a safe and fun time. Here’s to 2012! (Yeah, I know, it probably won’t be any better, but you never know). At least we have Bronson’s new show and yet another disappointing apocalypse to look forward to.

From Whitney:

Nothing fancy but I want to say Merry, Merry Christmas to one of the best person and actor there is and have a wonderful and prosperous New Year!!!!

And good luck with the show. We are patiently waiting and to welcome you with open arms back into our homes again.

Your fan & friend,
Whitney S. πŸ™‚

From Alyce Jeniffer:

“And so I’m offering this simple phrase, To kids from one to ninety-two, Although its been said many times, many ways, Merry Christmas to you “
All your wishes will come true and 2012 will be a beautiful and amazing year! All the best!

From Sylvia:

Merry Christmas Bronson All the best in 2012! Can’t wait to see your new show!

From Brenda:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Bronson and all fellow fans!
Brenda Lee Marsh
New Kensington, PA

I’d like to wish A BIG, SUPER, MEGA, HYPER, AWESOME Christmas to all of you, to Bronson and to everyone who has supported this site in these last two years! Thank you and keep watching this space, 2012 brings many very exciting things! πŸ™‚

The Bronson Pinchot Project!

This might be old news for some of us who have been VERY excited about the prospect of a new TV show with Bronson for most of this year, but now it is official: Bronson’s new TV show, “The Bronson Pinchot Project” will premiere on Jan 21st, 2012 on the DIY Network!

“The Bronson Pinchot Project” follows Bronson as he works his restoration magic turning his own buildings and homes in the Harford, PA area into beautiful masterpieces.

Check out our neat countdown on the sidebar and don’t miss the premiere of “The Bronson Pinchot Project” next January!

Send us your Christmas wishes!

Christmas is almost here!
This year, we’re doing something a little different and (hopefully) easier for everyone, I know how busy this time of the year is for us all!

If you would like to send your “Merry Christmas” to Bronson and all the BP Online visitors, send it to until Dec 23rd! We will be publishing them all here on the site on Christmas day for all our visitors to see!

November Q&A’s

Here are the November Q&A’s, just when you thought they weren’t coming! πŸ™‚

Out of all the many cool questions we received this past month, here are 10 of the best! Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

Q&A’s 11/24/11

Q: What’s your favorite movie that YOU have starred in?
A: True Romance is the best film I have been in, though i suppose it’s debatable whether or not I ‘starred’ in it.

Q: If asked would you consider reprising your role as Serge if they consider making a Beverly Hills Cop 4 ?
A: Yes.

Q: What kind of junkfood do you like?
A: SReese’s peanut butter cups.

Q: Do you keep in touch with any of The Surreal Life cast?
A: I was in touch for a bit with Caprice and Omarossa. Caprice was awfully sweet and kind. Omarossa is a smart cookie. I wish we had been left alone to actually be “real.” It was so concocted and toxic that the memory of it makes me nauseous.

Q: Who are your favorite classical music composers, Renaissance and Classical artists?
A: Well often I will rock out to Von Biber. Mozart is a god, of course. Purcell has his moments. Thomas Tallis.

Q: Why don’t you like to watch yourself on screen?
A: I don’t want to get an idea in my head of what I do that’s ‘good’ and repeat it. Just being in the moment is what I want, and watching oneself harms that, I feel.

Q: When visiting foreign countries, what have been the most exotic foods you have eaten?
A: Barbecued beef intestines in Greece. It’s called kokoretsi.

Q: What do you like to drink?
A: Arnold Palmer half and half; home-made lemonade; really good cognac; Jameson’s whiskey.

Q: Do you enjoy cooking?
A: Lord, no.
Q: If so, what is your specialty?
A: Watching.

Q: Do you have nieces and nephews?
A: Yes. My favorite one looks exactly like an elf.

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October Q&A’s!

Yay, October Q&A’s! Can you believe we’re in October already? πŸ™‚
Here are Bronson’s answers to questions sent by you throughout September! Enjoy and send us your questions for the next one!

Q&A’s 10/07/11

Q: Do you ever see your old castmates from Perfect Strangers?
A: I am in touch with Melanie and Mark and we have a million laughs.

Q: I loved you in True Romance, did you like going on the rollercoaster? It looked fun!
A: I fear and loathe rollercoasters and at the end when I am dry-heaving and whimpering that is not acting.

Q: What did you do over the summer?
A: Shot a TV pilot and then obsessed about whether it would be picked up. It was.
(Webmaster’s note: Yay!!)

Q: Do you get to see your mom or your siblings often?
A: Very, very often.

Q: Have you watched any Charlie Chaplin movies and if so, what if your favourite?
A: I’ve seen them all, as I was briefly in the running to play him in the biopic from many years ago. I love The Gold Rush and The Kid.

Q: Can you tell us how you came to have the scar that is sometimes visible on your arm? It’s seen in certain episodes of Perfect Strangers and more noticeable in a photo from Second Sight.
A: My big brother wouldn’t let me in the house and we wrestled over the front door and my arm went through the glass. I was in fifth grade and they had just taken away the lead in the school play from me because I had had it the year before. So unfair. A wretched day.

Q: Have you ever been to or heard of Prince Edward Island in Canada?
A: No and yes in that order.

Q: How tall are you?
A: Five nine and three quarters inches.

Q: Do you have an Ipod or Iphone?
A: iPhone and I wish I knew how to make the buttons stop doing things.

Q: Do you do the Dance of Joy about real-life good things that happen? Or did you during the years you were playing Balki?
A: When my generator first was hooked up and worked, I did the Dance of Joy in the snow for the workers, as promised.

Q: You’re well-known as a Wizard of Oz fan: have you read the book Wicked, or seen the musical?
A: No. I politely and discreetly avoid any Oz material not by L. Frank Baum.

Q: Do you know if there is an equivalent of for Mark Linn-Baker?
A: No idea. It would not be very like him.