The Mega Merry Christmas Post – Second Edition!

Yes, it is Christmas time again, and we here at BP Online always have a little special something for and from the fans.

Below are the creations and Christmas wishes of a few awesome Bronson fans to cheer up the Holidays!

From Elatia (click to view full size):

hoden for bronson

From Whitney:

Christmas Pic

From Missy:

From Rachel (be warned, this is funny!)

From Kristen:

Christmas is for love,
friends and family

Christmas is for peace,
joy and happiness

Christmas is for having fun,
laughing and talking

Christmas is for everyone,
the rich and the poor

That’s what christmas means to me,
the presents don’t mean a thing
unless you made it
or it comes from the heart

couse the best gift of all
doesn’t glitter and sparkle,
it’ not wrapped in ribbons or paper,
it doesn’t cost a thing

the best gift of all
doesn’t come from the store
its time spent
with you and me

Love always,
Kristen-Lee Corrigan

From Richi (click to view full size):


From yours truly, Lucy:

Merry Christmas, Bronson, Merry Christmas everyone! See you next year!
Oh yeah, and thanks for three years of BP Online! 🙂

8 thoughts on “The Mega Merry Christmas Post – Second Edition!”

  1. Great job lucy, I’m glad I got to see what u look and sound like, everyone great job, merry xmas to lucy and bronson xoxox

  2. Hey Bronson,

    I’m a fan of Perfect Strangers. I’m born the same year as Perfect Strangers (1986) started but the show is a little older than me. In ’93 I remember watching bits and pieces on TGIF Fridays but now I try and watch the reruns. I gotta say that Perfect Strangers is one funny show and it’s one of my favorites. I’m following you on Twitter and it would be awesome if you followed me back!! 🙂
    My Twitter is: @janayy24

    I can’t wait for Season 2 of The Bronson Pinchot Project starting in January 2013.

    I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! 🙂

  3. Speaking of perfect strangers I loved the show but I remember that I would get into arguments with my mother about it and her telling me that she hated it and eventually told me that it was canceled ,I then had to sneak watch it every chance I could and ever since then the show became even more special to me because of that reason

    Bronson it would be so awesome if you could follow me on twitter @klcorrigan75

  4. Yes me too kristen, it would be so aweseome if he would follow us, he’s not following anyone lol its zero, merry xmas everyone, he even tweeted last night saying as he was writing his blog they were finishing the touches of the episodes, he even worls on xmas, god bless him I hope he gets to have at least one day of family and fun today,

  5. I hope bronson got time out of his busy scedule to watch and see our greeting post, imloving season 2 of bronnies show, hope another season picks up, love u bp <3

  6. I enjoyed reading “The Mega Merry Christmas Posts – Second Edition”. I agree, great job Lucy! So nice to hear your voice and see your beautiful face. Wonderful job Richi on the two Bronson drawings, you are very talented. Happy New Year everyone! Very much enjoying Season 2–love every episode. Waiting for Season 1 to come out on DVD 🙂 Jen

  7. Thank you so much Jen, we love doing these celebration posts where everybody can send in a little something. With Bronson’s birthday approaching, there will be a new one soon. 🙂

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