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For those who have missed Bronson’s radio and TV interviews promoting The Bronson Pinchot Project, here we have links for (almost!) all of them!

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Audio Interviews
The awesome Reimagine That! Podcast INTERNUDE!
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Video Interviews
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This is it, tonight at 10:30 pm ET, The Bronson Pinchot Project premieres officially!
The show will air regurlarly from now on every Saturday at 10:30 pm and at 1:30 am ET on the DIY Network.

Learn more about the show:

The Bronson Pinchot Project Official Website

Interview with Bronson from
Interview with Bronson from
A great article from the Channel Guide Magazine Blog

A LOT more links to audio and video interviews coming soon!

Yay, October Q&A’s! Can you believe we’re in October already? 🙂
Here are Bronson’s answers to questions sent by you throughout September! Enjoy and send us your questions for the next one!

Q&A’s 10/07/11

Q: Do you ever see your old castmates from Perfect Strangers?
A: I am in touch with Melanie and Mark and we have a million laughs.

Q: I loved you in True Romance, did you like going on the rollercoaster? It looked fun!
A: I fear and loathe rollercoasters and at the end when I am dry-heaving and whimpering that is not acting.

Q: What did you do over the summer?
A: Shot a TV pilot and then obsessed about whether it would be picked up. It was.
(Webmaster’s note: Yay!!)

Q: Do you get to see your mom or your siblings often?
A: Very, very often.

Q: Have you watched any Charlie Chaplin movies and if so, what if your favourite?
A: I’ve seen them all, as I was briefly in the running to play him in the biopic from many years ago. I love The Gold Rush and The Kid.

Q: Can you tell us how you came to have the scar that is sometimes visible on your arm? It’s seen in certain episodes of Perfect Strangers and more noticeable in a photo from Second Sight.
A: My big brother wouldn’t let me in the house and we wrestled over the front door and my arm went through the glass. I was in fifth grade and they had just taken away the lead in the school play from me because I had had it the year before. So unfair. A wretched day.

Q: Have you ever been to or heard of Prince Edward Island in Canada?
A: No and yes in that order.

Q: How tall are you?
A: Five nine and three quarters inches.

Q: Do you have an Ipod or Iphone?
A: iPhone and I wish I knew how to make the buttons stop doing things.

Q: Do you do the Dance of Joy about real-life good things that happen? Or did you during the years you were playing Balki?
A: When my generator first was hooked up and worked, I did the Dance of Joy in the snow for the workers, as promised.

Q: You’re well-known as a Wizard of Oz fan: have you read the book Wicked, or seen the musical?
A: No. I politely and discreetly avoid any Oz material not by L. Frank Baum.

Q: Do you know if there is an equivalent of for Mark Linn-Baker?
A: No idea. It would not be very like him.

Blackstone Audio’s Studio Director and award-winning narrator Grover Gardner conducted a fabulous interview with Bronson recently, in which they discuss Bronson’s work with audiobooks and with Blackstone, focusing on his award-winning reading of “Matterhorn” and more recently, Karl Marlantes’ memoir What It Is Like to Go to War.

You can read AND hear this great interview here!


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