The Second Season Premieres!

Yes, The Bronson Pinchot Project is back for Season 2! The new season of the show premieres tonight, at 11pm EST on the DIY Network and it promises to be a great start for this 16-episode season!

Tonight’s episode is called Federal Sitting Room and, according to the DIY website, “in this episode, Bronson Pinchot takes an awkward space and transforms it into a room straight out of George Washington’s home. Affectionately known as the Federal Sitting Room, the space that Bronson and his team recreate is brought to life with a beautiful fireplace surround built from salvaged materials, including moldings from 1790 and wallpaper from 1805. The room’s focal point is a large plaster bust from the 18th century in the corner. These relics help create an elegant space that transcends time.”

So tune in on the DIY Channel and don’t miss it!! Edit: The show is on HGTV as well! Check it out!

PS: Check out this wonderful behind the scenes video from DIY:

12 thoughts on “The Second Season Premieres!”

  1. Can’t wait. Season one is still on the DVR and I
    love watching them. Will Mikey, CJ and
    the rest of the guys be back for season two?

  2. Me too can’t wait, I wonder if bronsons windows are old or if there insulated, I’m hoping bp blogs or tweets this weekend, love u bronson 🙂

  3. I’m so impressed. Today was the first time I had seen your show and you are an inspiration. Everyone needs to respect our past and we need more bringing it back to life. We can’t all do it to your grand scale but, every room should have a piece of authentic history. Looking forward to more! Salvage on! ~Shab 2 Fab

  4. Saw the Bronson Pinchot Project for the first time this past week (HGTV) and was immediately smitten. It’s so refreshing and endearing – I’m talking not just the actor but the star of the show, i.e., the property. I also love the fact that Mr. Pinchot highlights the craftsmen, who do such lovely work. I look forward to more.

  5. Bronson lives/thinks/dreams/restores outside the box. I love that about him. He doesn’t need to be true to anything but himself. We aren’t always going to like everything someone does but we can certainly learn from them and get ideas. I have definitely been inspired by him. I have found myself just plain giddy over his creativity and what he’s going to pull out of his hat next. Overall, I’m really loving “the look”. I enjoy his personality as well. He’s unique, funny and just seems like a nice guy and he makes you want to hug him…lol…most certainly a nice, refeshing break from “trash tv”. Kudos to you Mr. Pinchot. I look forward to many more seasons.

  6. I told my husband last night Bronson is my soul mate. I could careless if he is an actor or what he looks like, I’m just LOVIN his style! Bronson does what I have wanted to do for years! I always please everyone else or do things for IF we ever sell the place. I have never lived in MY home with it the way I want it. I love how he adds history in with the pieces he talks about. I have learned so much from him which is priceless. I love his passion for old home and salvage. I am a firm believer in they don’t make it like that any more and once it’s gone it’s gone. He treasure the the things I feel are important and need that treasuring. I Love how he shows flaws in things and says that little flaw is history. What a wonderful person and I really love the show! Would love to go to his house for a tour and tea.

  7. Lol sue, I feel the same way, I loved bronson since I was 10 now I’m 33, I love everything about him, he’s handsome and he’s so talented and so darn funny, I hope he had many many more seasons too, love u bronson xoxox

  8. I’m just glad that HGTV finally aired the first 2 episodes of the first season. Sadly, that is ll I have seen since. My guide doesn’t list anymore episodes to air in the near future, so they dangled a cookie in front of me, let me take a nibble and are now yanking it away. So rude! But I congratulate Mr. BP on a second seaon and wish him nothing but the best!

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